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当你得到英文论文的topics后,或许你已经经过头脑风暴产生了灵感,甚至已经写好了提纲。不过,论文是需要事实论据以及参考文献作为支撑的,与本科生相比,研究生则对reference引用要求更为严格。关于reference是的写作规范,请大家参照我们之前提到过得《essay reference写作规范》。我们今天的主题是介绍一些在伦敦的地方对于你的毕业论文有帮助的,常见的有图书馆、书店、博物馆,其他的地方欢迎大家补充,下面我们来看看具体说明:

Whether you’re after title inspiration, additional research resources, or simply want to improve your essay writing skills, the sheer concentration of academic amenities in London is unrivalled in the UK – and arguably in the world! With some of the globe’s best galleries, museums, libraries and bookshops, there is no shortage of support for your studies in the ‘Big Smoke’.

Whilst such unrivalled resources are inspiring at any stage of your degree, you will likely find them particularly useful when hunting for dissertation help. Traditionally submitted in your final year, your dissertation – an extended essay on a topic of interest to you – requires months of meaningful research and a protracted period of writing. Whilst it is hard work, it is also hugely rewarding, not only because it forms the backbone of your degree but also because it allows you to read widely and deeply on your specialist subject. When graduates think back to their studies, it is often the dissertation they cite as their favourite research and essay writing experience.

Here are some of our favourite haunts in London for sourcing dissertation help, learning support and academic inspiration:


As well as the literary collections at the University of London constituent colleges, London is home to 385 public libraries. Popular spots for students include the Guildhall Library and Wellcome Library, but the jewel in the crown is the world-famous British Library – the largest library on the planet by the number of items catalogued. With 625 kilometres of shelves and well over 150 million items – including manuscripts, maps, music scores and magazines – you can’t fail to find what you need for your dissertation here.


Nearly a third of all archives in the UK can be found in London. From the National Archives at Kew, to the Newspaper Archives at Colindale and the London Metropolitan Archives in Clerkenwell, over 1000 years of original documents and records are available for you to use in your research.


London has many bookshops where you can browse for hours. As well as large high street offerings such as Waterstones, there are some great independent bookshops where you can research, relax and even be inspired to source writing help amongst the shelves. Three of the best known are Foyles, Daunt Books and the London Review Bookshop. Skoob at the Brunswick is also well worth having on radar as it offers London’s largest selection of second-hand academic books priced at half (or less) of what they would cost bought new.


There is no better way of bringing your research to life than by visiting one of London’s major museums. From the National Gallery to the Tate Modern, the Imperial War Museum to the V&A, London’s rich cultural resources are the perfect way to add context to your dissertation.