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当你开始着手写assignment时候,总会感到很烦恼,你也难以获取一条最佳的写作方式。当然,我们的assignment任务类型有很多,essay、report、shot answer、 literature review, case study, annotated bibliography, dissertation, thesis, reflective essay等等,任务不同,写作方式也有差异。不过,我们今天将主要讲到assignment代写的基本原则,虽然不同assignment的任务有差异,基础的写作原则不会有太大的差异,我们一起来看看吧!

When students are told to write assignments they feel burdened and find it difficult to complete it in the best possible way. There are varied types of university assignments like essay, report, short answer, literature review, case study, annotated bibliography, dissertation, thesis, reflective essay, etc given to students from different universities and at different levels of study. Listed below are few tips which need to be followed by students who are finding answers on how to write a university assignment. These guidelines will help you in creating the best assignment that will stand out from others.


准备和规划你的目标,研究你的topics,你要准备一个与你主题相关的概述在你写作之前,这也是你assignment成功的关键!Prepare and plan your goal: Students should prepare an outline of the topic before they start writing the assignment. Planning is the key to success. The outline includes the discussion points and key points that need to be clearly defined. Outlining the assignment will help in keeping it organized. It will save time and make data collection easier.

introduce部分是读者接触的第一部分,需要包含你的研究要点和清晰的定义。以便你接下来的assignment更好的讨论。Write the introduction: The introduction is the first part the reader goes through in the assignment. It should be carefully written with highest quality. It should include the main points of the study and should give indication on keeping the work organized. It should be a general orientation about the topic and an outline of issues to be discussed in the assignment.

对你的观点的具体解释:准备一个列表介绍你每个段落需要包含哪些具体的内容,而且这些必须和你得主题论述相关联的。Paraphrasing: Make a list of paragraphs you want to include in your writing. For each paragraph list down the main idea you want to communicate in the same. Also describe the problems its solutions and causes and effects of actions. Every paragraph should make a point and must be linked to the thesis statement. The paragraphs should include the topic sentence, supporting and conclusive sentences.

结论部分:我们熟知的提供有力论点和打动读者的最后机会,把握住!Conclusion: It is the last chance to impress the reader and present powerful arguments. In academic writing the conclusion should state the context of the assignment and its aim, summary of main points and final comments for the future. A good conclusion ends with a suggestion, resolution or comment.


确定你的论点,规划自己的写作,写出草案做好准备,寻找足够的论据来支持你的观点,是每一篇assignment代写成功的必备条件。While preparing a university assignment student should understand and analyze the assignment question and read thoroughly all the points. Further they have to conduct research and summarize main arguments. Then they need to paraphrase relevant information and note down references. They have to develop an argument and connect ideas and evidences. University students should check the assessment or marking criteria and accordingly plan their writing. Further a draft structure of the assignment is to be prepared which should state the key points and headings. Further they have to identify and analyze the claims you want to put forward. Search evidences to support your claim. Also a list of references to be used is written.

Academic writing should be done by critically thinking about the topic of study. Students should consider the purpose of the assignment and its audience. Moreover the language and structure of the assignment must be worked upon. There should be continuity of ideas within different paragraphs. The assignment must be written in impersonal language form. The use of ‘you’ and ‘I’ must be avoided. Referencing is extremely important and must be used according to institution norms. Students should demonstrate a clear understanding of the assignment and should use more examples to strengthen the knowledge applied into practice. Also figures and tables need to be used along with its sources. Also it is very essential to review the information and its quality. According to requirements students can refine and improve the information sources. Format used of references list must be same. Therefore by following the above mentioned guidelines you will be able to score highest marks in your university assignments.