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First fact that can improve your Writing Skills:Removing the fear of writing is the first step, and for this a strategic preparation is essential. Remember “practice makes a man perfect”- sorry about the gender, but in a very general sense practice is important to improve your writing skills. Start reading books, magazines, newspapers and listening to news to understand the nuances of writing. Understand how different people adopt different writing skills.

Second Fact : Once you have started reading, the next step is analyzing some kind of reading material.  Do not write long sentences and essays, but just a few keywords on the books and articles you have finished reading.  Once you have the keywords, try to form short sentences and then read the particular articles or book again and understand whether you have analyzed correctly or not.  This is just the beginning of building up your confidence and starting your journey of writing.

Third Fact :You may still have hurdles, so the third fact is to strengthen your confidence. Read a story, and rewrite it in your words.  Read an article, and rewrite it in your words. Keep a dictionary handy to keep checking the words, and try to use new words when you are paraphrasing. Once you have finished paraphrasing, check the similarity with original piece of writing and whether you were able to get the essence of the writing work.

Fourth Fact After completing the phase of paraphrasing, start with the actual writing exercises.  Pick up a simple topic of your choice, or seek help from the Internet for a list of topics. Select the one you find interesting and write an essay of at least two paragraphs.  Now, each paragraph should have at least 5-7 good and strong sentences.  Compare your essay with other essays on the same topic and check what points could have been added-write your essay with fresh points.

Fifth Fact : Be your own teacher when you are at the initial stage of writing, and then seek help of an excellent tutoring site, such as Online HomeWork | Online Assignment Help | Writing Services to understand the basic structure of an essay. Once the structure of the essay is clear, start learning about the different types of essays. Then, start writing different types of essays, and take help from the tutors from Online HomeWork | Online Assignment Help | Writing Services to grade your essays.

Sixth Fact : When you are writing your stories and viewpoints, then you may feel like supporting them with facts. In order to search for facts, you will need help of the Internet sources or Library sources (if you have access).  You can utilize certain facts from reliable sources and cite them using appropriate citation methods.
Seventh Fact : You are now near the final three facts of writing skills. You have confidence now, so keep practicing to improve your skills.  Seek help as and when required from reliable help providers, such as Online HomeWork | Online Assignment Help | Writing Services.  Keep writing, follow the structure, and anywhere you get stuck are there to help and guide you.