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Academic Essay写作格式指南(附模板)

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Academic Essay写作格式指南(附模板)

中国留学生们在国外留学期间遇到的Academic Essays往往是复杂的,因为老师需要通过Academic Essays来测试学生的学术能力。留学生们在国外大学里写Academic Essay的时候,应该遵循一定的格式,这是你的大学和你的讲师所接受的。这种格式包括在格式化你的文章时遵循的准则和规则。以下是Meeloun小编为大家整理了的Academic Essay写作建议指引,这篇格式指南可以帮助大家知晓如何确定Academic Essay格式。在文章的最后还为大家分享了格式模板供大家下载。

These academic essays tend to be complex in order to test the academic capability of students.When writing this kind of essay in college, you are supposed to follow a certain format that is accepted by your college and your lecturer. This format includes guidelines and rules to follow when formatting your essay. The following are the recommendable guidelines when formatting academic college essay.

Research - Research about your topic of discussion from different academic sources. It can be from the Internet, academic databases or the library.

Analysis - analyze the argument of the information you have researched pointing out the claims, reasons and evidence.

Brainstorming - An academic essay will require your own insights and genuine essay-writing brilliance. You can ask yourself questions and find answers for them.

Thesis statement - In your thesis, choose the best idea that you can write about comfortably and clearly because the thesis is the main point of your essay. In its concise sentences, it should be able to tell the reader what you are writing about and the reasons for it. A clear thesis will enable you to write a good essay.

Essay outline - Make the sketch of your essay before you begin writing it out. Try to use one-line sentences when describing the paragraphs. Bullet points are good when describing the content of each paragraph. Structure your arguments well and unify your paragraphs.

Introduction - Your introduction should capture the attention of the reader, set up the issue and connect it to your thesis statement. Make your first paragraph interesting since it is the important element of your essay plus the title.

The body - Each paragraph within your body should focus on single idea that supports your thesis statement.

Conclusion - Finish your essay with a quick wrap-up sentence summarizing the entire essay. End it with some memorable thought, which could be a quotation or an interesting twist of logic.

Referencing style - Your essay should be formatted according to the correct guidelines and rules. Cite all the information you included in the body of your text. Include a list of references and bibliography in other pages showing the details of your sources. This will depend on the style used.

Proofreading - Make sure you use correct language, grammar and the sentences are flowing properly.

Remember to include the cover page and good title for your essay.

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