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Psychology Essay Topics: Bury the Myths

1.     Do men really love with their eyes? Gender specific perception mechanisms.

2.     Opposites do not attract. Real reasons why girls fall for ‘bad boys’.

3.     Is midlife crisis real?

4.     Déjà vu means just going through situations that are close to real past experiences.

5.     Hypnosis doesn’t help retrieve memories of forgotten events.

6.     Dreams don’t possess any symbolic meaning.

7.     Lie detectors aren’t always effective for unmasking dishonesty.

8.     Inkblot tests can’t tell much about someone’s personality.

9.     Psychiatric conditions don’t get worse during Full Moons.

10.  Not all mentally ill people are violent.

Psychology Essay Questions on Education

11.  Blue and pink blankets: Parents shouldn’t encourage gender stereotypes.

12.  Moms don’t have to stay at home to raise happy kids.

13.  ADHD symptoms are found in most children.

14.  IQ scores: Heredity vs. environment.

15.  Gender segregation can be good for education.

16.  Using technology is a must for today’s classrooms.

17.  Culturally diverse classes are good for students.

18.  Critical thinking should be the central element of any study curriculum.

19.  Desegregation busing reduces racial discrimination.

20.  Different cognitive styles influence learning outcomes.

Psychology Essay Topics: Greatest Experiments

21.  Pavlov’s dogs experiment.

22.  The Milgram obedience experiment.

23.  Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment.

24.  World famous violinist Josh Bell playing in a Washington D.C. metro station.

25.  Piano stairs from Volkswagen: The fun theory.

26.  Jane Elliot’s blue eyes/ brown eyes experiment on racism.

27.  Derren Brown’s identical twins experiment.

28.  Juan Mann’s free hugs campaign.

29.  Candid camera elevator experiment.

30.  Jack Brehm’s cognitive dissonance experiment.

Psychology Essay Ideas: Everyday Practice

31.  Chocolate helps avoid depression.

32.  Why and how does music evoke sadness?

33.  Memories of the past affect our present emotional well-being.

34.  Changing residences is good for an individual’s social development.

35.  What makes social networks addictive?

36.  Decreased attention span is bad for people.

37.  Practice improves not only skills, but also self-esteem.

38.  People should avoid speaking of themselves as victims.

39.  Optimism is good for health.

40.  Laughter is the best way for connecting with people.

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