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1.       energy separation(energy difference)between the quantum dot (QD) groundand first-excited states能量间隔

2.       Analysis by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) has identified分析

3.       Whilst同时

4.       Stacking Fault s (SF) and threading dislocations (TD) are often associated with the large latticemismatch in most III – V semiconductor films.与…有关

5.       the GaAs barrier layerwas divided in two parts分割

6.       a characteristicv-shapegliding有…特征

7.       Thepresence of these SFs is observed to create surface QDs被认为是

8.       Areas区域

9.       extending to延伸至

10.    In contrast to与…对比

11.    we would suggest this could be related to我们认为

12.    dislocationsoccurring at the microscopic level出现在

13.    migrate away from迁移开

14.    spectral response光谱响应

15.    in terms of根据,与…有关

16.    composition,content组分

17.    attractingstrong interest引起兴趣

18.    aspects such as许多方面例如

19.    As previously reported正如以前报道的

20.    Theemission wavelength of the QDs red-shifted by 300 nm红移了300nm

21.    As the composition is increased, there is anincrease in density and size随着…增加什么增加

22.    the reduction ofPL intensity for larger compositions occurs as aresult of threading dislocations being formed

23.    suppressed by压制,抑制

24.    epilayer外延层

25.    variation变化

26.    interrupted growth method间断生长

27.    ion (Ar+) laser with 514.53 nm氩离子激光波长

28.    it can be seen that从…可以看出

29.    reveal a strongquantum localization effect展示

30.    Such a blue shift in EL wavelengthcould be attributed to the band-filling effect of localized energystates蓝移,归咎于,能带填充效应

31.    Ablueshift of 3 and 1.7 cm−1蓝移

32.    Incorporating结合

33.    1.3–1.6mm has beenachieved forInAs/GaAs QDs by实现

34.    are limited by性能局限于

35.    received littleattention to date现在已经没人关注

36.    spacer layer隔离层

37.    the initial 15 nm of theGaAs SPL was deposited at 5101C,followingwhich the temperature was increased to 580 1 C forthe remainder of the GaAs SPL随后

38.    thermal escape热逃逸

39.    QD ensembles量子点群

40.    the value ofEE值

41.    are dramatically reduced巨大的

42.    takes place发生,出现

43.    QD PL bandcaused by PL图,引起

44.    are taken into account考虑

45.    activeregion活性区

46.    verticalstrain coupling垂直耦合

47.    sample c shows thehighest value (75 meV) followed by sample b with60 meV and sample d with 56 meV排序

48.    is crucial for对…至关重要

49.    zero-dimensional structures零维结构

50.    involving涉及