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2016美国留学Top30-60院校Accounting Essay Topic出炉

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2016美国留学Top30-60院校Acounting Essay Topic出炉

相信很多同学们对于留学申请材料中Essay的重要性已经心知肚明,这里美伦教育也就不多做阐述。如果有同学们觉得自己在Essay写作把握还不够高的话,可以适当找一些留学生英文论文代写机构来为大家写,这样就可以提高大家的Essay质量,同时也就提高的留学申请的成功率。从近几年的留学热门专业趋势来看,不难看出会计等一些商科专业仍然处于热门留学专业的榜首位置。既然会计专业这么受欢迎,那么下面美伦教育就给大家总结了2016年美国留学排名30-60的大学院校的Accounting Essay Topic,同时还给出了这些大学院校的申请Deadline,希望有意向申请这些大学的同学要抓紧时间。

北卡罗来纳大学教堂山分校 Master of Accounting

Deadline:12/01/2015; 02/15/2016; 03/31/2016;

Statement of Purpose

We want to know why accounting is the career for you. The statement should also describe why you want to earn a Master of Accounting degree from UNC

波士顿学院 Master of Science in Accounting

Deadline:12/01/2015 (Summer);02/01/2016 (Fall)

Personal Essay and Optional Essay (select one)

A personal essay is required to apply to the BC MSA Program. You may also submit one additional optional essay with your application. All essays should be limited to 500 words in length, typed in 12-point font, and double-spaced. The essay questions are:

Personal Essay:  Please discuss how you plan to achieve your short and long term career goals. What challenges will you face and how will you leverage your academic and professional experiences to achieve these goals?

Optional Essay (select one):

1. Please introduce yourself to the BC community. Feel free to be creative in expressing your message.

2. Is there any aspect of your candidacy that you would like to explain in more detail?

威廉玛丽学院 Master of Accounting


Essay and Optional Essay:

Limit your essay to approximately 800 words. At the top of each page, please put your full name and a complete statement of the question being answered. Use at least 11-point font and 1.5 spacing.

Please answer both of the following questions in your essay.

1. What qualities do you have that will make you a good accountant?

2. What are you hoping to achieve during your studies in the MAcc Program?*

Optional Essay Communicate any extra information you may want us to have. (We assume most applicants will not complete this section.)

罗切斯特大学 MS Accounting

Deadline:10/15;11/15;01/05;03/15;05/15 未标年份

Essay1(12-point font, 250-500 word limit), Essay2(12 point, 25 word limit), and Optional Essay

Describe your short-term and long-term goals for post-MBA or post-MS. Given the fluctuation of economic and industry hiring trends, identify a back-up plan should your short-term goal not be immediately attainable. How does your past education and experience support your career objectives? Lastly, what aspects of your intended Simon Business School program make it a good choice for your graduate study? (250-500 word limit)


In 25 words or less, provide us with an interesting fact about yourself not expressed elsewhere in your application. (25 word limit)


Share additional information you think is important in the evaluation of your application, including any concerns you think the Admissions Committee may have regarding your candidacy. (500 word limit)

凯斯西储大学 Master of Accountancy


Essay 1 and Essay 2 (choose from the following four topics)

All applicants are required to answer two essay questions before the application can be submitted. Each essay has a limit of 500 words.

Essay 1 (required response)

Describe your motivation for pursuing a master’s degree. How does it fit with your long and short-term goals? How have your academic, career or life experiences prepared you for this program? What strengths will you bring, and what knowledge and insights are you hoping to develop during this learning experience? Are there any concerns about your application that you would like to address?

Essay 2 (choose from the following four topics and indicate in your response which topic you are addressing)

1.Describe a situation where your academic or professional ethics were challenged and how you dealt with the situation. What did you learn from the experience?

2.What is the most difficult feedback you have received, and how did you address it?

3.Throughout our lives, we have significant experiences, or “milestones,”that have a lasting impact on us. Briefly describe such an event and its impact on you.

4.If the program that you are applying to is not the same as your undergraduate major, please explain your interest in this field and why you would like to pursue it now in your educational career. How did you become interested in the topic and what are you hoping the program can offer you?

加州大学戴维斯分校 Master of Professional Accountancy


Personal Statement and Optional Essay

Your Personal Statement provides an opportunity for you to share perspectives and experiences that you believe will be most informative as the Admissions Committee evaluates your candidacy and writing ability. (250 Word Maximum)

Is there any other information about your background, family or experience that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee? (Optional)

里海大学 MSAccounting and Information Analysis


Personal Essay

The MSAIA application essay should provide a summary of your career objectives and relevant work experience with reference to the chosen field of graduate study, and the leadership experience and skills you will bring to your peer group. The essay should not exceed two pages in length. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the other applicants, in your own words. The essay should be uploaded in the online application.

迈阿密大学 Master of Accounting

Deadline:04/15 未显示年份

Four Essays

Please address the following four essay questions, which are required by all applicants. Limit answers to each question to no more than 300 words.

1. Why have you selected to apply to the University of Miami's Graduate Business Programs and what is your motivation for pursuing this degree?

2. How will other graduate students at UM benefit from your participation in the program?

3. What are your short-term (post mba) and long-term goals/career plans? How will a UM graduate degree help you achieve these goals?

4. Choose one of the following and describe:

a. When you discovered your ability to lead

b. A significant setback in a team interaction that you were a part of

c. Your most significant accomplishment

d. A situation in which you took a risk

e. The qualities that make you a team player

f. A business leader that you admire

威斯康辛大学麦迪逊分校 Master of Accountancy


Four Essays

Essay 1

Briefly describe your outside interests and hobbies. List your involvement with various organizations. Highlight leadership positions and describe the nature of the leadership provided. Describe the benefits you have received from your involvements.

Essay 2

What is it about accounting and the career opportunities in accounting that you find interesting? What personal characteristics do you have that would predict success in the accounting profession? Where do you expect to begin your career after graduation? Explain.

Essay 3

What are your expectations of your learning experience in graduate school? What do you expect other students to learn from you?

Essay 4

Describe ways in which you have considered or implemented a personal code of ethics; or how have you personally established ways to ensure that you make proper ethical decisions?

伊利诺伊大学香槟分校 Master of Science in Accountancy


Personal Statement

Your statement (750 word maximum) should describe your reasons for pursuing the degree as well as your personal and professional goals.

叶史瓦大学 Master of Science in Accounting


One Essay

The essay section is an opportunity to share information about yourself that grades and test scores alone cannot provide, as well as a chance to demonstrate how you organize your thoughts and express yourself. The essay should be one typed page.

Be sure your name and Social Security number appear on every page you submit. Please choose one of the topics listed.

1.Throughout Tanach, history and literature there are many examples of people who have prevailed in spite of or because of their imperfections. What is one “flaw” of yours that if given the opportunity you would not give up.

2.You are stranded on a desert island. Please choose one person and two items you would like to bring with you. Explain the significance and relevance of each choice.

东北大学 MS in Accounting

Deadline:11/15;02/01;03/15 未显示年份

Admissions Essay and Optional Essay

Admissions Essay

Please discuss both your short-term and long-term professional goals.  Please describe what challenges you may face as well as how your previous experiences will help contribute to your future success.  Your answer should highlight why you have decided to pursue a graduate degree at this point in your career and how you feel a Northeastern degree will help you achieve success. (800 words maximum)

Optional Essay

Please provide any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider in evaluating your application. (400 words maximum)

佛罗里达大学 Master of Accounting


Personal Statement

Explain your purpose for graduate study, including your current degree goals and reasons for selecting a particular field of study.


Submit a 400-500 word essay. The text box accommodates one-and-a-half pages of single-spaced text, so please be mindful of the space remaining in the character counter. The essay cannot exceed the space available in the text box.

加州大学欧文分校 Master of Professional Accountancy


Essay 1, Essay 2, and Optional Essay

Essay 1–maximum 500 words

Please describe your short-term and long-term career goals and how your current professional or academic experiences relate to these goals. Explain why you are pursuing an MPAc degree at this point in your career. Specifically, how will the Merage MPAc help you accomplish these goals?

Essay 2–maximum 250 words

Describe a recent professional or academic experience in which you have taken an active leadership role and the impact it had on your organization.

Essay 3–Optional–maximum 250 words

Please provide any additional information about yourself that you have not addressed elsewhere which you believe would be helpful to the Admissions committee.

华盛顿大学 Master of Professional Accounting

Deadline:01/15 未显示年份

Two Essays

Please complete both essay questions below. Double space your responses and do not use small type.

1. Assume that you have an opportunity to meet with the MPAcc admissions committee. The committee has asked you to describe yourself, elaborating on the reasons why you should be admitted to the program. This is your chance to tell them about the things that are important to you, to give them information or insight that will convince them to admit you. Specifically, address your career goals in professional accounting and the relevance of the MPAcc degree. Limit to 500 words.

2. Considering the events of the last five years, select an issue or problem on which your national government has taken a major policy position or initiated major action. Propose an alternative position or solution to the issue or problem and support your viewpoint with specific information. Limit to 750 words.

德克萨斯大学奥斯汀分校 Master in Professional Accounting


Statement of Purpose Essay

Explain how obtaining a Master in Professional Accounting degree at the McCombs School of Business will assist you in further defining your primary personal and/or professional life goals. Why is now the best time for you to pursue this degree? Your explanation should include, but not necessarily be limited to, a description of both your intermediate and longer-term career goals, as well as a current vision of your desired employment upon graduation.

乔治华盛顿大学 Master of Accountancy

Deadline: 10/30(Spring); 05/15(Fall) 未显示年份

Statement of purpose

In an essay limited to 500 words, discuss your long-term and short-term professional objectives and how your past experiences have contributed to and defined these objectives. Include in your statement why you want to pursue a graduate business degree at this point in time. You may also include your related qualifications, including collegiate, professional, and community activities, and any other substantial accomplishments not already mentioned in the application. You may explain any academic inconsistencies as part of your statement or as an addendum.

俄亥俄州立大学哥伦布分校 Master of Accounting

Deadline:11/15;03/06 未显示年份

Essays:Essay 1, Essay 2 and Optional Video Essay

Essay 1

Why do you wish to earn a MAcc degree? Why do you wish to earn a MAcc from The Fisher College of Business? How will the Fisher MAcc program assist you in achieving your immediate career goals?

Essay 2

What is the most difficult situation you have had to deal with and what did you learn from the experience?

Video Essay (optional)

This video essay gives you a chance to speak directly to the admissions committee since each applicant is not guaranteed an in-person interview. Share something interesting about yourself that we would not otherwise learn from your application.

杜兰大学 Master of Accounting


Essay and Optional Personal Statement
One essay is required and should be no longer than one typed, single spaced page. The essay is the best way for you to introduce yourself to the Admissions Committee by directly answering the question below

Essay:  How will your advanced business degree from the Freeman School of Business assist you with your long term career goals?

Personal Statement (optional)

A personal statement can be submitted to give an applicant the opportunity to talk in further detail about academic concerns related to your undergraduate GPA, and/or share relevant information with the admission committee that may not be clear in other parts of the application process.