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国外的大学在要求写英文论文的时候很多都被要求写开题报告,然而对于初到国外留学的中国留学生们来说,我想大部分同学都不知道应该如何去写。下面美伦教育就给大家整理了一篇英文论文开题报告的模板,以《了不起的盖茨比》为例,将文中的男性形象进行系统分析,结合传播学、社会学和伦理学等内容,分析了男性形象的背景。重要的不是文章的内容, 而是教会大家写开题报告的方法,希望大家留学生们能够引起重视。



The Male Images in the Great Gatsby 了不起的盖茨比的男性形象


(1) Purpose of the research:

The purpose of this study is based on the systematic analysis of different and typical male images in 'The Great Gatsby', . With combination of communication, sociology and ethics and other content, analysis the male image of the background . Through the analysis of 'The Great Gatsby', we can explore the male fate in this novel whether has a certain value orientation, develop a broader space and may of monographic study of male images.

(2) Significance of the research:

Fitzgerald is a 20th century American literature recognized 'Lost Generation' writers spokesperson, he shaped the characters are a group of mostly young men and women after the war to pursue a dream, but they are life experiences and spiritual aspects closely with the author internal relations. From these internal relations, we can see from the pursuit of the ideal Fitzgerald 'American Dream' to dream shattered in the process, so-called 'American Dream' is a belief, but also a desire, a dreamy, think On this piece of land full of opportunity and wealth, as long as people follow a set of clear standards of conduct to live, have reason to achieve material success, this group of Conduct in the 18th century is reflected in Franklin, Jefferson, Edison, card groups and others in words and deeds. His masterpiece, 'The Great Gatsby', because of its ingenious plot twists and turns, delicate and graceful language called treasure literary history.

The current for 'The Great Gatsby,' the male image of few studies, most studies have focused on its literary value female image analysis, therefore, this article attempts to create a movie in the male role, for example, to Characteristics of different types of male image as the starting point, and then explore the background of the formation of male role, not only makes sense, but necessary.


(1) The major contents of the research:
This article analysis the different levels of male images in “The Great Gatsby'.According to the standard andmeasure of western traditional view, we analysis of characteristics of menwith their different characteristics,and explore deeper male image characteristics in this novel.

(2) Outline: Introduction

1.Male Images' American Dreams
      1.1 The Tragic Hero Gatsby
      1.2 The Dramatic Narrator Nick
      1.3 The Ugly Upper-class Tom

2.The Relationship between the Male Images and Daisy 

2.1 Gatsby and Daisy's Sweetheart Relationship
      2.2 Nick and Daisy's Relative Relationship
      2.3 Tom and Daisy's Conjugal Relationship

3.The Relationship between the Male Images and Fitzgerald 
      3.1 Gatsby and Fitzgerald
      3.2 Nick and Fitzgerald
      3.3 Tom and Fitzgerald



(1) Conditions of completing the &tar2&:
   ①The author has finished all the courses required as an English major.
      ②Many electronic books, master papers and journals are available from the Internet.
      ③Many relevant books and journals can be found from theuniversity library and data room.
      ④The author has collected a lot of references and materials by various channels.

(2) Measures of completing the thesis:

①Synthetic method: On the basis of analyzing, the author integrates collected data related to the subject so as to put forward some new takes and draw a scientific conclusion.
      ②Inductive method: Through reading the pastoral poetry written by “The Great Gatsby”and Fitzgerald, try to discover the creation background of the book.
      ③Literature study: The author carefully reviews previous studies and researches which can lay a strong foundation for future study and spark fresh angles.

(3) Research Plan:

①Making preparations for the thesis writing
      ②Getting familiar with the subject
      ③Doing research and study
      ④Penetrating into the essence of the subject
      ⑤Organizing data and drawing a conclusion

(4) Data Collection:数据收集

①The literature on “The Great Gatsby” and Fitzgerald and previous studies on the research of male images;
      ②Examples of the different level of male images on“The Great Gatsby”, and find the relationship of each role.

(5) References:参考文献

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