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100个Management Research Paper Topics推荐

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100个Management Research Paper Topics推荐

管理学是近年来众多热门留学专业中国比较受欢迎的一个专业,管理学研究的目的是帮助组织管理者更好进行管理,管理学研究的主题就是组织管理实践中遇到的问题。在国外不论是学什么专业都会有写不完的作业,因为国外的大学跟国内的大学可不一样,国外的大学一点也不轻松。各种各样的论文已经从让中国留学生们苦不堪言。下面呢就为在国外学习管理学专业的留学生们提供了15类管理类研究的方向,一共是100个管理学界重要研究主题,这些都是Management Research Paper非常好的选题,大家以后在写Management Research Paper的时候相信会有非常高的参考价值。


 ·Organizational Emergence: Business Start-Up Issues
       ·Corporate Entrepreneurship
       ·Social Entrepreneurship and Social Enterprise
       ·High Technology Entrepreneurship
       ·Governmental Impedimentation and Facilitation of Entrepreneurship
       ·Women Entrepreneurs
       ·Entrepreneurial Resilience: What Makes Entrepreneurs Start Another Business After Failure?
       ·Strategic Planning in New Ventures and Young SMEs

2、企业与社会Business and Society: Contemporary Issues

·Fostering Social and Civic Responsibility by Organizations and Their People
      ·Poverty Alleviation as a Corporate Issue
      ·Organizational Crisis Management in the Post-9/11 Business Epoch
      ·Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility in the Management of Supply Chains
      ·Activist Groups Tactics to Influence Companies
      ·Global Business Citizenship: A Model of Social Responsibility and Ethical Behavior for the 21st Century
      ·Excessive Work and Its Business Consequences
      ·Factors Influencing Women Managers’ Success
      ·Future Directions in Labor Relations: A 2025 Perspective

3、管理全球性企业Managing the Global Enterprise

·Global Mind-Set
      ·Management in Developing Countries
      ·Internationally Managing in the Face of Terrorism-Induced Uncertainty
      ·HRM Best Practices and Transfers to the Asia Pacific Region
      ·Cultural Differences in Perceptions of Fairness in Organizational Contexts
      ·Winning in Asia
      ·Language Issues in Multinational Management

4、可持续性与自然环境:绿色管理Sustainability and the Natural Environment: Green Management

·Toward Sustainable Organizations for the 21st Century
      ·Why Do Firms Comply With Environmental Regulations?
      ·Understanding and Overcoming the Green Wall: Environmental Strategy, Leadership, and Change Management in Business
      ·Environmental Supply Chain Management

5、快速变化的互联世界中战略Strategy in a Fast and Networked World

·Strategic Decisions in High-Velocity Contexts
      ·Innovation as a Strategy in Network Markets
      ·Planning Effectiveness for Internet-Based Interorganizational Systems
      ·The Competitive Advantage of Interconnected Firms
      ·New Product and Service Development in Strategic Alliances
      ·The Merger Paradox: Determinants and Effects
      ·Evolving Aspects of Outsourcing to India
      ·Holistic Approaches to Business Planning
      ·Culture-Sensitive Global Strategies
      ·Co-Opetition: Promises and Challenges
      ·Business Imitation

6、全球环境下利用新技术进行运营管理Operations Management with New Technologies in a Global Context

·Supply Chain Management: Integration and Globalization in the Age of e-Business
      ·Mass Customization
      ·Improving Supply-Chain Information Velocity, Product Customization, and Cost Through Extended Enterprise Applications
      ·Business Process Outsourcing Management Issues
      ·Place and Space Strategies for 21st-Century Organizations
      ·Ethical Manufacturing

7、911事件后的组织Organizing in the Post-9/11 World

·Constraints on Strategy of an Organizational Structure
      ·Global Projects as New Organizational Form
      ·Artistic Methods and Business Disorganization
      ·Organizational Security

8、知识经济下的组织内外部团队Teaming In and Beyond Organizations in the Knowledge Economy

·The Evolving Nature of Work Teams: Changing to Meet the Requirements of the Future
      ·Collaborative Innovation: Web-Based Tools for Customer Involvement in New Product Development
      ·Coordination in Global Teams
      ·Transnational Teams in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations
      ·Conflict Management in Work Teams

9、人力资源管理作为一种战略要素Human Resources as a Key Strategic Factor

·Human Resources Management in the 21st Century
      ·Managing in the New Economy: Restructuring White-Collar Work in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan
      ·Work-Home Interaction: A Challenge to Human Resources Management
      ·External Competitiveness: Theoretical and Practical Facets of Strategic Pay Level Decision Making
      ·Flexible Labor
      ·Employee Wellness Programs
      ·Career Management Careers in Transition The Changing Nature of Mid- and Late Careers

10、组织中的性别差异及多样性Gender and Diversity in Organizations

·Diversity and Diversity Management in the Age of Globalization
      ·Ethnic and Minority Enterprise
      ·Aging and Work Motivation
      ·Family-Friendly Organizations

11、组织行为Organizational Behavior
      ·Motivating Individuals and Groups at Work in the 21st Century
      ·Intrinsic Motivation in Public Organizations
      ·Why Self-Set Goals May Sometimes Be Non-Motivating
      ·Organizational Politics in Management Settings
      ·Understanding and Managing Misbehavior in Organizations
      ·Organizational Paranoia: Origins and Dysfunctional Consequences of Exaggerated Distrust and Suspicion in the Workplace
      ·New Approaches for Cultivating and Nourishing Communications Networks
      ·Intercultural Communication: Strategies for Managing Intercultural Dimensions of Business
      ·Emotion in Organizations

12、领导力Leadership Without Boundaries

·Leadership Style: Developing a Leadership Style to Fit 21st-Century Challenges
      ·Remote Leadership
      ·Leadership in Interorganizational Networks
      ·Challenges of Implicit Leadership Theories for Management
      ·Integrating Plurality: Toward an Integral Perspective on Leadership and Organization
      ·The Global Manager’s Work: Crossing Boundaries of Distance, Countries, and Cultures

13、信息和知识流动性管理与伦理Information and Knowledge with Mobility and Ethics

·Knowledge Management: Strategy, Culture, Intellectual Capital, and Communities of Inquiry
      ·Facilitating Mobile and Virtual Work
      ·Balancing the Implications of Employee Telework: Understanding the Impacts for Individuals and Organizations
      ·Electronic Monitoring of Personal Web Use at Work
      ·Information Privacy in Organizations
      ·Multilingual Issues in Global E-Commerce Web Sites
      ·Managing Intangible Capital
      ·What Is the Business Case for Adopting RFID?

14、21世纪组织发展与变化Organization Development and Change in the 21st Century

·Change Agency in 21st-Century Organizational Life
      ·Organization Development in the 21st-Century
      ·The State of Organization Development
      ·Managing Creativity and Innovation in the 21st Century
      ·Organizational Memory: Why Does It Matter?
      ·Why Catastrophic Organizational Failures Happen

15、非营利性组织新视角Non-Business Organizations: New Perspectives

·Arts Management Issues in the 21st Century
      ·Hospital Planning for Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents
      ·Unique Aspects of Managing Sports Organizations
      ·Managing Philanthropic Organizations for Creativity 

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