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thesis statement和topic sentences写作技巧

发表时间:2015-08-11 10:48:57

英文论文中,thesis statement和 topic sentences都是极其重要的两个部分,称之为主题句或中心句,不过很多同学分不清楚两者的区别和运用的条件,今天我们就来重点给大家介绍一下。

Thesis Statements主题论述

A good thesis statement represents the major point of argument an author is trying to make with his research paper. And from that thesis statement spurs the controlling idea, which guides the direction of the paper throughout its many developments, keeping it together. The purpose of writing a research paper, after all, is to effectively convince the reader that the thesis statement is valid.


Any good thesis statement tends to follow these three criteria.


1. As research papers basically are very long arguments, it’s important to have your thesis statement be arguable rather than a simple statement of fact. This means that you have to give at least some credit to either side of the argument.  Because, if either side does not have at least some validity, how can it really be a good and worthy thesis statement?


2. Make sure that your thesis statements are focused, and limited enough in scope, so as to provide your research paper with the chance to develop sufficiently in depth before the end. Without depth any research paper will lose its ground and start to flounder. So be specific.

你要确定你的中心句是紧系主题的,而且不会太广泛,这样可以让文章在结束之前足够地深入说明。 没有深度的研究论文将失去它的本意并且开始偏题。所以要具体点。

3. Make sure each of your thesis statements link directly to the central idea or theme. This will help you not to stray from your main argument you are trying to make as your paper develops.


Topic Sentences主题句

Topic sentences are much like thesis statements in that they both introduce and limit what is to come, but while thesis statements works to introduce the research paper, topic sentences work to introduce paragraphs. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence because of how they serve to connect the following paragraph to the rest of the paper by developing the major argument suggested by the controlling idea of the thesis one step at a time。


Well crafted topic sentences tend to follow these five criteria.


1. Good topic sentences tend to be the first sentence of a paragraph.


2. Good topic sentences link what is to come to the thesis statements and the controlling idea by using keywords and phrases.


3. Good topic sentences tend to introduce the subject of the paragraph, telling the reader what will be discussed next.


4. Good topic sentences sometimes link coming subject matter to previously discussed subject matter.

5. Good topic sentences indicate the direction an essay is taking by using signpost words such as "first," "second," or "finally."