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Computers and Recreation Management essay计算机娱乐管理

发表时间:2015-07-15 15:39:49

计算机的普及,改变了人们的生活方式,今天,很多的工作已离不开计算机,它使得我们的一些工作变得更加容易,也为我们开辟了更多的工作途径。作者根据自身的工作背景写了这一片computer essay,告诉大家计算机对于Recreation Management方面的影响,我们该如何正确使用计算机提高效率,

With all the technology we have today computers are vastly changing the way we do things and how jobs are run. Computers up grade things that at times make things more efficiently ran, and at times cut down on the time it takes to do a project. It changes the way we do things and makes things easier to understand with some work fields that people are in today. With some fields of work computers would not really help out that much but in my field it helps out a lot. Just from the tools that we use it is mostly a computer base thing. 

My major is Recreation Management. So it is basically and outdoor type of major that deals with things like forest, agriculture, animals, and the land in general. So from the classes I have this year I am learning that computers are vastly becoming a part of my major. We use things like Geo II Explorer, and the Garmin E-Trex. Those to are computer-based object that you need to up load and transfer your data to and from the computer. The Geo II Explorer with creates maps and plots the points of where you have been and how to get to one point to another. It is all ran off satellite information that you get signaled back to your receiver. Then the Garmin E-Trex with give you directions to and from places let you plot points of where you have been and store them right on it in a little hard drive that is installed in it. These two tools are what are mostly used for the field that I am going into. I will be outside most of the time for mine so I defiantly need to know how to use these and the computer software that goes with it. There are a lot of things on a computer that you have to go through to print out the maps and see other information that you have collected in the field so a computer has changed this greatly. 

The Geo II Explorer can map a perimeter around a forest that maybe people are trying to sell by the acre and I can figure out how many acres there are just by walking with the Geo II around the forest. Plus it breaks things down into sections. So this is one thing where you need a computer. Before this tool came out you had to keep and note book of the paces you take and what type of feature you started by. So there was a lot of busy work involved before this product came out. This product will also let you put things like fire hydrants, parking lots, and lap post on it to so they will appear that way on the map. So it is a very helpful tool to have and know how to use. 

When talking to one of my professors about what they had to do before all theses tools came around they said had to write a lot of notes and do a lot more work that what they really wanted too. It was harder to figure out exact distances and be accurate enough to report to some one else. So with that a lone it proves that computers have changed this filed for the better. I have only worked with this computer based stuff so I am glad to have it and now have to jot all theses little things down all the time I go outside. 

With that in mind I do not know how I would do all theses things without the software we have today for Recreation I would be stuck in an office all day trying to translate my notes into something worth while. So I am glad for all the computer technology that has came out in the past few years. 

The only really bad thing that I noticed is that some soft ware has bugs in it yet so when you go to transfer information over it does not always work how you want it to work. So you then have to go back through and figure out what is wrong with your information or the tool that you used. That is from how new versions of software keep on coming out every year you have to remember to up date your system so that you can properly use all the information, and properly translate all of your information. 

The thing I learned though is not all of places like the change of technology so they do not fully use it all of the time. Some people just like the way they had to learn things so they will just go off of that and not want to change at all. So some people get left out of learning the way that I did. Some people I guess just like to do things the hard way. 

So to recap computers are vastly changing the way Recreation Management is done. We use things like Geo II Explorer and Garmin E-Trex to find our way and to map places that we could be working in. It is all computer-based equipment so we have to know how to use and run software, not all people like to change so they do not use computer technology. I think computer have changed this filed for the better.