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MBA Essay写作-个人学习观点

发表时间:2015-07-06 10:40:32

MBA Essay代写案例

Personal Perspective on Learning ,我们称之为个人学习观。本文作者在大学学习MBA课程中,总结了3个对于MBA课程学习重要因素。分别是:资源、团队、问题式学习;这些元素中的每一个都是独特的,旨在促进积极的思考,那么,这些要素到底要告诉我们什么?对于MBA课程来说到底有什么价值?

The University has provided several resources to help facilitate my learning experience and attain my goal of completing my MBA. There are three key elements to the MBA program that are used to assist and educate the student in this learning environment. Each of these elements is uniquely designed to promote proactive thinking. The rEsource area provides online access for research, tutoring and writing services, the learning teams are used to build team-building skills and the problem-based learning format is used to encourage creative thinking. I believe that rEsource will be the most valuable resource throughout my degree program, due to the many services it provides.

The Value of Resource

The main reason that I feel that rEsource will be valuable to me in attaining MBA is due to the many services it provides. Without question the Center for Writing Excellence will be essential to my success in this program. There is an automated program called Writepoint, this program is able to proofread my papers at any time of day at my convenience. There is also the Tutor Review that offers the same service, however, it is a manual process so it has a slower turnaround. Another service found in the Center for Writing Excellence is Tutorial and Guides section. I have already found this section to useful in giving me guidance on how to write this paper.

Considering that an online program consists of a lot of research the University Library is a very vital component of rEsource. The University Library consists of a variety of databases and research engines directly related to the programs that the University of Phoenix offers. The beauty of this program is that you have access to research any thing you need to learn about your topic at your convenience.

Another asset of rEsource is the eBook collection. This is an area of rEsource that I haven't been able to fully explore but that I know will probably be vital in my professional development as I pursue this degree. The eBook collection offers access 24x7 to various books on different topics for self-improvement and/or career development. The value of rEsource is the many tools that are available for improving old skills and learning new skills.

The Value of Learning Teams

The value of Learning teams is learning to work effectively with other individuals. Teamwork has become the cornerstone of the workplace. The concept of the super trooper has given way to rewards of a super think team. In learning teams, students are able to learn from one another through the many discussions in the newsgroups, students learn how to be open-minded to opinions and ideas of others, how to effectively contribute toward a project, in addition, how to support and motivate each other. All of these skills are extremely important in the workplace. For a team to be effective, everyone as to be willing to communicate, respect differences and know how to stay focus on accomplishing the common goal. Conflict in any of these areas can lead to disastrous results for the team.

The greatest challenge for any team is individualism. Everyone has his/her own way of doing things the right way. Some people are born procastistors and others are early birds. Everyone has their own way of looking at a situation. Learning how to find a common ground within the learning team is essential for it's success. Students will learn through the problem-based learning how to adapt to different situations in order to become valuable and successful team members.

The Value of Problem-Based Learning

Problem- based learning is about retraining ourselves to be proactive instead of reactive. According to Marti, Gil, Julia (2006), " …Problem based learning focuses on learning the necessary tools to correctly find a solution to given problems". ( 1). In essence, problem-based learning tells us to think about all of our alteratives before we act , look for the possible benefits instead of reacting to immediate solution. By following the 9-step plan we are able to formulate the best course of action for benefit in the long-term instead of just a short term fix. Problem-based learning encourages better problem solving and develops critical thinking skills.

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