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(读后感)Reading Response Essay 介绍和结论

发表时间:2015-06-29 15:01:12

为什么国外的孩子不怕写读后感,因为他们有Reading Response Essay ,今天我们给大家介绍Reading Response Essay 简介和结论部分一些建议!

小编将会在后期陆续更新一些关于Reading Response Essay写作的教程和要点,请大家关注Meeloun论文网。

Reading Response Introduction and Conclusion Ideas


frame story: start a story (personal or from reading)
finish the story
expectations fulfilled: tell what you expected or thought before reading the article
tell how the reading met your expectations
expectations unfulfilled: describe your expectations
tell how these were overturned or changed
questions: ask one or more questions about topic
answers to questions
startling statistic or fact
how article helps us understand or interpret this fact or statistics
vivid description of subject with sensory images
tell how article helps us understand description
scenario: show a typical scene or conversation relating to topic (real or made up)
finish scene or conversation or repeat it with a different ending
what we all know about topic (statements most people believe)
what is really true
quote or famous saying
how quote explains your thesis