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business management essay topic!

发表时间:2015-06-18 14:31:58

选择一个好的商业管理论文主题将会让你在写作中游刃有余,也能让您的essay大放异彩!我们精选了30个 business management essay topic供您选择,希望能帮助您~

Choose a business essay topic that truly interests you from this list. 
And you won’t even notice how you reach the last page of your paper.

General Business Paper Topics

  1. Apple-Samsung patent wars: Is a damaged reputation bad for sales?
  2. Pre-employment drug testing: Reducing turnover or violating rights?
  3. The fear of recession: Increased competition or additional stress?
  4. Win-win investments in business sustainability: Myth or reality?
  5. Small businesses contributing to charity: Are tax deductions the only advantage?
  6. Feminist economics: The end of inequity or the start of chaos?
  7. Performance-based pay: Should the minimum wage be abolished?
  8. Employees’ social media privacy laws: Dream or necessity?
  9. E-commerce: A substitute or an addition to traditional trade schemes?
  10. Debt culture: Should credit cards have warning labels?

International Business Essay Topics

  1. Is the global shift of clothing and textile production to China real?
  2. Call center outsourcing to India cuts costs. What about quality of services?
  3. Can South Africa be a new call center capital?
  4. Can the European debt crisis affect US small businesses?
  5. What’s the true cost of outsourcing IT departments?
  6. Should English remain the international language (lingua franca) for business?
  7. What’s the effect of NAFTA on the United States employment?
  8. What are the next steps in protecting water, energy and food security?
  9. How to narrow the gap between the skills required by industry and those currently available in college graduates?
  10. Steve Jobs’ personal contribution to Apple obsession.

Argumentative Business Essay Topics

  1. Should all small businesses have websites?
  2. Should we give up cash to save trees?
  3. Should global companies adapt to national peculiarities?
  4. Should companies send “Happy Birthday!” messages to their clients?
  5. Should all brands use social media accounts?
  6. Can viral marketing replace all other forms of advertizing?
  7. Should the tobacco industry be obliged to donate to lung cancer research?
  8. Should successful entrepreneurs who dropped out from colleges share their success stories?
  9. Can SOPA and PIPA stop pirates?
  10. Can gun control laws ruin the firearm industry?