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a bill of fare菜单;节目单 

a case in point一个恰当的例子 

a couple of一对,一双;几个 

a far cry遥远的距离 

a few少许,一些 

a good deal许多,大量;…得多 

a good few相当多,不少 

a good many大量的,许多,相当多 

a hard nut to crack棘手的问题 

a little一些,少许;一点儿 

a lot of大量,许多;非常 

a number of一些,许多 

a point of view观点,着眼点 

a series of一系列,一连串 

a variety of种种,各种 

abide by遵守(法律等);信守 

abound in盛产,富于,充满 

above all首先,首要,尤其是 


abstain from戒除,弃权,避开 

access to接近;通向…的入口 

according as根据…而… 

according to根据…所说;按照 


1. With the help of在~~帮助下under the leadership / care of在~~领导/关心下

2. be strict with sb.对~人要求严格be strict in sth.对~事要求严格

3. at present=at the present time目前for the present暂时

4. in the sun/sunshine在阳光下under the sun在世界上

5. lie in位于~~之内lie on同~~接壤lie to位于~~之外

6. at least至少in the least丝毫,一点

7. by name名叫in the name of以~~名义

8. in the air空中,在流传on the air播出

9. in the way挡路,障碍,用~~方法in a way在某点上,在某种程度上get one’s own way to do随心所欲give way让步,屈服lose one’s way迷路by the way顺便说一下on one’s way to在去~~的路上Come this way这边走

10. at the corner在拐角处(外角)in the corner在角落里(内角)on the corner在角落上(外角上)

11. judge by / from根据~~来判断judge for oneself由某人自己来判断

12. at the end (of)在~~结束时at the beginning of在~~开始时at the back of在~~背后,支持at the age of~~岁时at the foot of在~~脚下at the bottom of在~~底部at the top of在~~顶上at/on the edge of在~~边上

13. in the course of在~~过程中in the eyes of从~~观点看来,在~~眼里in the face of面对~~,尽管,纵使in the middle of在~~中间in the end =at last=finally最后

14. on the eve of在~~前夕on the side of在~~一边

15. after a time = after some time过一段时间后for a time = for some time一时,有一段时间16. behind time迟到,过期behind the times落在时代后面

17. at no time决不in no time立即,马上

18. at one time = once time曾经at a time = each time每次at times = sometimes有时at all times经常,一直,始终at the same time同时at the time在~~的时候by the time到~~的时候

19. for a moment一会儿for the moment暂时at the moment当时the moment /minute /instance正当~~一刹那

20. once or twice一两次more than once不止一次once more重新,又once upon a time从前once in a while偶尔 答案补充  

1.以break为中心的词组break away from脱离,逃离break down破坏,粉碎;瓦解;出故障,抛锚break in闯进,打断;使顺服break into闯入;强行进入;突然开始break out爆发,发生;准备使用;起锚break the law违反法律break the record破记录break one’s promise失言break up开垦,破碎;解散,分开,分解2.以catch为中心的词组be caught doing被发现做某事be caught in the rain淋雨catch a bus/train赶汽车/火车catch a cold伤风,感冒catch one’s word听懂某人的话catch sight of发现,瞥见catch up with赶上,追及,追上

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