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下面的内容均来自英国正规大学发放的写作报告写作格式要求:目的在于指导学生在写作报告文字的大小行距离字体,Abstract、 Body 以及Conclusion具体写作要求。

Your report should adopt the following structure:


• The report should be typed using 12p text, 1.5 line spacing and Arial.

该报告应采用12P文字, 1.5倍行距,宋体输入。

• The report should be spell checked.

• A full reference list of all sources must be included at the end of the report.

Title page: including the name and student number, module name and code,

assessment task, lecturer’s name and date.评估任务,讲师的名字和日期。

Abstract: the essential reason for the report.


Introduction: This part should explain the purpose of your assessment, the aim,and how are you planning to achieve it. Include a few opening sentences that announce the author and the title, and briefly explain the topic of the report.Conclude the introduction with a brief statement of your evaluation of the text.


Body: should consist a clear statement of information in all aspects of identifying and defining the problem (why and what), developing and evaluating improvements and successfully implementing the change. Use the help of references and the floor-plan to clarify your suggestions.


Conclusion: Restate the purpose of your report. Phrase it differently thanyou do in your introduction. Tell precisely what it is your report has proven inconcise terms. Provide a summary of your goals and objectives highlighting the key strengths of your plan for success.


Referencing:If you have made use of any material that needs referencing then make sure it is referenced correctly both in the text and in the referencing section,using the Harvard method of referencing.


Appendices: additional information used preparing report, new created floorplan,research tools, referencing.附录:附加信息用于准备报告,新创建的平面图,研究工具,参考。