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Abstract: In recent years, the development of China's very rapid chain management industry, the demand for talent chain management is increasingly strong chain management is necessary to build a more professional. Since 1998 Shanghai Commercial Vocational and Technical College offers chain management professional since, the country has more than one hundred colleges and universities offer the professional, trained a large number of professionals. In this paper, the necessity and feasibility chain management professional conduct of departure, focusing on the professional Order, 2 + 1 formula, elastic semester, labs and construction, has a certain theoretical and practical significance. 
Paper Keywords: chain, management, professional, construction, Study 1. Chain chain management status quo is a modern form of organization and operation of the circulation is the basic direction of modern commercial and service development. The modern world's first chain - United States, 'Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company,' was founded in 1859, which is the earliest in the world at the time the formal chain. Shortly thereafter, in the industrial countries, the chain has achieved widespread success since the 1960s, some of the advanced industrial countries and regions have introduced a chain operation, into the 20th century, 80 years after the chain industry development is not only in the amount of fast, and infiltration from the retail, catering and other services to a variety of industries and business trends of internationalization. 
Our chain industry started late. While the chain in China started late, but the development is very rapid. At present, China has more than 5,000 chain system, is the world's largest national chain management system. According to statistics, there were all kinds of chain stores during the 'Eleventh Five-Year' about 100,000, accounting for 20% of total retail and food and beverage industry, and also to an annual growth rate of 35% sustainable development. However, the pace of development chain industry is still difficult to adapt to China's rapid economic growth and the rapid increase in real per capita income. 
But with the rapid development of chain industry is incompatible, our chain management personnel is relatively short. Since the development of the industry and lack of over-speed training mechanism, franchise industry is facing shortage of talent, which is particularly scarce managerial talent. According to a conservative estimate, the current national chain industry management talent gap of at least 600,000. Chain Store & Franchise industry is facing a huge shortage of talent, but one of the important ways to solve this problem is to speed up the training chain management professionals, universities and training skilled personnel is expected to provide high-quality talent to add. 
2. The necessity and feasibility of the chain of professional construction management from the current point of view, the rapid development of chain operation in urgent need of a large number of application-oriented talents, and set up the management chain of the professional school is not much, so that the building became a professional chain management to improve important way QUALITIES. 
High-tech is one of the most prominent features of the chain, this feature of the employees made a higher demand chain management personnel must be able to understand the professional knowledge of modern business management chain, with chain store operations management technique, in order to adapt to the modern chain management standardized and institutionalized, scale, modern requirements. However, due to the rapid development of chain operations, personnel demand too much, a considerable number of management staff without formal school education or professional training, many managers even after short-term job training, but they can hardly adapt chain business, require management. 
Higher Education in the chain of professional construction management showed significant lag. In recent years, the rapid development of chain operations to universities introduced a new requirement is to speed up the management chain management theory to guide chain management practices. For now, the major construction chain management China is still the initial stage, only part of the institutions set up this profession, and to colleges based. Because it is new profession, the number of graduates is relatively small, so the chain of management personnel is still small, rapid development of the situation and trend of disproportionate chains, specialty building imminent. 
Professional development is an important way to improve the quality chain management professionals. In general, the chain required personnel training through the following forms: First, study abroad and entrust foreign advanced business training, active learning advanced experience of foreign countries. The second is to encourage enterprises to adopt advanced approaches to foreign chains, set up their own training institutions, according to the actual needs of chain enterprises, the original corporate chain operations staff training and practical technology. Third, relying on universities, research institutions, on the chain operator's staff training system. This approach is the most practical way of a personnel training. This is also to propose a requirement of our institutions, namely to accelerate the pace of building professional, strengthening the chain management theory, establishing chain management education and training base, qualified institutions should consider setting up chain management profession. Visible, professional development is an important way to improve the quality chain management professionals. 
3. Chain professional construction management precisely because the necessity and feasibility of the chain of professional construction management, as chain operations personnel training colleges should play to their strengths, to train more of both theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills for graduates business services. From below the proposed Order, 2 + 1 formula, elastic semester, labs and building four aspects chain management professionals in training mode. 代写留学生论文?找Bonrun更靠谱】
3.1 'Order' training mode called 'Order', is an enterprise based on job requirements and after school employment agreement signed by both parties to participate in school-enterprise selection of students, school organization of teaching, assessment of teaching posts and a series of educational activities enterprise cooperation mode. Enterprise regularly send veteran guide school teaching and internship guidance, the school is in accordance with business requirements to selectively admit students orientation training. Order school system, to achieve the schools, businesses, students, 'win', effectively solve the contradiction between supply and demand for talent between schools and enterprises. This school system, personnel training and competency standards specifications are developed by the parties; the theory of teaching in schools, play the advantages of the school teaching the theory; practice teaching in business, give full play to the scene and business experts, senior technical staff on students' skill in training The role of students ability to operate in the real business environment; enterprises qualified graduates can all be hired. 
The first step is to order training round, multi-level run 'order', followed by business professionals 'Order' The creation of professional conduct established curriculum and faculty, increase operational training practice, so that 'less theory, more practice. ' On the faculty building, you can also consider the press 'Order' requirements set up, maintain cultural lesson teachers are relatively stable, rational flow of specialized teachers, schools need to be professional teachers in the community, the industry hired. Advance order training ideas, in the form of vocational and technical education schools must be more flexible. In teaching implementation, can take credit culture, expand 'Order' school size, initially built up the overpass talents. 
3.2 '2 + 1' training mode '2 + 1' training mode is the use of schools, social two kinds of educational resources and educational environment, arranged alternately school theoretical courses and internships to work off-campus, the students' knowledge + ability + quality 'of an educational training mode. Currently, most of the vocational institute engineering internships combined mode is '2 + 1' or '2.5 + 0.5', in short, three-year vocational school system, with a '2' ('2.5') completed by a professional based professional learning theory class, '1' ('0.5') in the enterprise for production of internships. 
'2 + 1' training mode will achieve 'win-win', and its role is not only reflected in the student internships, also reflected in the links with businesses, local government, industry organizations. During student interns in enterprises should pay attention to the issues reflected in the students' attention to the development of the situation, to ensure that the interests of students, so that interns have different 'well-being' experience, gain experience for the job. Simply their own interests while avoiding school 'interests to the detriment of its short-sighted, to actively coordinate the relationship between the parties, and actively seek to improve the appropriate methods and measures. 
3.3 'flexible semester system' training mode 'flexible semester system' is an academic year is divided into several semesters, with flexible elastic term to achieve work-study combination. The purpose of such a model is not directly address the problem of student jobs, but rather focus on improving students' practical skills and vocational skills for students to find better jobs in the future foundation. 
Of the chain in terms of professional training, due to the impact of seasonal fluctuations in the market, the chain post teaching training needs of students at different time of the year there is greater volatility. Chain enterprises have to accept students internships welcome; affected Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, 'May Day' and other holidays, month internships at companies want more 1,2,10,12 several months. Schools should not only based on the actual operation of enterprises, but also must consider the interests of the students. Only satisfy the interests of businesses, schools and students tripartite find the point of school-enterprise cooperation, so that the participants can derive benefit, to achieve 'win-win', combining learning with model can be successfully implemented. Based on this, it is necessary to vocational colleges traditional 3-year, 6-semester production cycle in accordance with the requirements of the business reform elastic term, and set the starting and ending time semester according to their actual needs, which is the 'elastic term' system engineering combined mode. 
3.4 experiment training room construction chain management professional internship bases is an important way to achieve the goal of professional training. Strengthen internship bases, vocational schools and enterprises and universities must take the interests of both sides is the basis for the establishment of schools and enterprises win chain management professional business practice base, the two sides are to establish schools and enterprises to participate in internships base mechanisms that enhance students' career ability to establish internship base of the ultimate goal. 
The two sides should focus on other interests of schools and enterprises to meet the reasonable needs of both parties, schools and enterprises to achieve win-win situation. For schools, in determining corporate practice base, the investigation should focus on whether the company meets the requirements of the basic conditions for the practice of teaching. Only personnel training to meet the vocational requirements, consistent with the requirements of professional practice base construction. School - enterprise cooperation to build a base for the purpose of the internship is practice-oriented, students of professional competence. But the practice Base Construction heavy form, light the effectiveness of the phenomenon is very prominent, should be reformed. 
4. Conclusion chain operations in the rapid development of China's further training of personnel to put forward new demands, the university at the time of the construction of this profession, should be the order type, 2 + 1 formula, elastic semester system and other methods, multi-angle required for the full range of talent cultivation. 
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