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Scholarship Essay是什么?该怎么写?

发表时间:2014-12-18 09:44:19

scholarship essay怎么写?

国外将申请奖学金的短文称之为:Scholarship Essay。所以说,写好scholarship essay不仅是为了完成任务,而且是对于你价值体现的一种方式。写好scholarship essay需要描述你的个人经历,对自身的认识。而这对于很多学生来说是一个挑战。下面我们就来看看如何写scholarship essay

Writing a scholarship essay is a challenge, yet it is a major step on your way to your degree and future career prospects. So, writing it in the way for it to stand out of a pile of similar essays is a must. However difficult the task may seem, there are several simple rules that can ensure your essay gets the best winning chances.
First and foremost, mind the time. This seems to be something that goes without saying, but still start writing your essay well before the deadline and plan your work to have enough time to analyze the question, come up with some good ideas, put them into words, proofread and rewrite if necessary.
Another point is to choose the right topic. Your essay must attract attention, which is only possible if it is reasonably emotional and positive and you feel confident about the subject. So, choose the topic you are genuinely enthusiastic about, and your feelings will be naturally reflected in your essay.
The next rule is to write what you are supposed to write. Think about the purpose of the award and the organization providing it, then consider why you are the best person to get it and how your diploma will meet the above mentioned purpose. After it, try to express the same ideas in your essay. However, do not simply repeat the information about your achievements given in your profile; give an insight into your life: choose one or two most important accomplishments or focus on one aspect of your experience, but share the details.
The next step is to check if your essay has a clear message: read it and condense the idea to a thesis statement. If you cannot do it, your point may not be clear enough. Another useful technique to check the effectiveness of your writing is to find a person to read it: your friends, parents, professors can help a lot by spotting the mistakes and identifying any vague ideas.
And last but not least, remember that there are hundreds of people who have successfully coped with this difficult task, so why cannot you do it?

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