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2014-2015UC essay topic题目

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UC Application Essay

UC Application Essay是加州大学申请系统需要提供的申请文书。历年来,加州大学对于他们的essay题目都比较满意,我们可以来看看2014的essay题目:

1.Describe the world you come from ? for example, your family, community or school ? and tell us how your world has shaped your dreams and aspirations.

2.Tell us about a personal quality, talent, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. What about this quality or accomplishment makes you proud and how does it relate to the person you are?

第一篇文书题目大意为介绍你来自的世界,这个世界可大可小,可以是你的家庭,社区,社团,或学校 等等,并且说一下你所来自的世界和背景是如何塑造了你的梦想和理想的。

第二篇主要是介绍你的一个个人品质或天赋,或成就,或贡献,或经历。这些使你自豪的原因以及和你是一个什么样的人之间,到底有什么关系。 加州系统的两篇文书题目都是必须要求完成的,2篇都要写

关于UC essay 写作的一些建议

When filling out the UC admissions essay sheet, the instructions often ask students to talk about the challenges or opportunities that they dealt with while growing up. It is up to the student what to include on their personal statement and U of C never asks for any private information. There is certainly no need to include any sensitive personal information or discuss one's family, upbringing or any issues. However, U of C usually asked for prospective students to elaborate on any relevant inspiring experiences that have motivated them to apply to their institution. A UC Berkeley application essay might focus on club attendance in school or any sport activities. If you are experiencing any difficulties writing your UC personal statement essay contact us for professional assistance and we will do the best possible job for you! We will save your time, energy and take the stress out of the equation!

UC Application Essay Information
UC application essays are supposed to include any relevant examples to the particular questions posed. We suggest that prospective applicants brainstorm ideas, topics and examples they wish to include. Remember that there is a 1,000 word limit on both prompts in total with a minimum response of 250 words. That means you may have at most 500 words for each prompt. Our UC application essay writers advise that any prospective student turn to family and friends for help. Those who know you best can provide you with insights into life experiences you either had forgotten or deemed irrelevant, but those which may catch the interest of an admissions officer. A UC application essay is a challenging task for many individuals and many have expressed that it can be personally demeaning to write about themselves. For students who have very competitive marks, but perhaps limited social experiences, activities or participation, we offer professional coaching to help you get noticed!


UC Personal Statement Application Writing
The UC application essay material first goes on a worksheet and afterwards a final copy can be submitted. If you are in need of a professional UC admissions essay writing service then our writing company is here to provide you the best possible professional assistance! A UC Personal Statement is a critical step to academic career success! Order a UC personal statement essay from us or consider our professional personal statement editing services!

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