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老外支招-Argumentative Essay如何写?

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Argumentative Essay写作

Argumentative Essay是什么?argumenttative essay其实是留学生议论文的统称,也可以称之为辩论性散文。在平时的课程作业中比较常见。它需要针对具体的事件或者案例提出自己的观点。本文将为大家介绍常见的Argumentative Essay写作要点:包括Argumentative Essay文章结构以及范文。

Argumentative Essay Writing

Argumentative essay is another genre of the essay that is categorized among the less complex essays. When writing this kind of essay, it is not only required of you to provide the information but also present an argument with supporting (PROS) and opposing (CONS) ideas. Writing this kind of essay is like convincing a person who had conflicting ideas with yours so that they adopt your ideologies. When you have gone through the below argumentative essay sample, you will see what I meant by trying to convince another person to accept your thoughts about something.

Structure of Argumentative Essay

This kind of essay takes the format or structure of other essays. The introduction, body and conclusion essay structure. You are supposed to write all these parts of the essays in a manner that they linkup and have the same flow of ideas. Let’s touch on each of these parts of an argument essay briefly as we explain how my example of argumentative essay matches what we will talk about.

Example of Argumentative Essay Introduction

The first paragraph of the essay is what the introduction part of the essay is typically. You should review the topic of the essay in this part of the essay in a general way. Clarify why the topic of the essay is important and the reasons to why the issues discussed in the essay should be considered.  In this part, the thesis statement is to be presented as well, and it should be done so appropriately.

The introduction part of the provided sample argumentative essay shows well how the thesis is stipulated and if you go through the entire of the part, you will see how my topic of the essay is reviewed there too. When you don’t come up with a well composed introductory paragraph, there is a possibility of your article failing to be a strong one.


The following shows some of the vital things on argumentative essay example body. Transition is very vital in linking up the parts of the essay. This is what will hold the parts of the essays together. Your thoughts need to flow throughout the topic and additionally; they need to do so, in a manner that the reader will follow the flow of your arguments easily. There is need that each of the paragraphs in this part of the essay contains a single thought. Each of the paragraphs as well needs to have a logical connection with the thesis statement. Also, it is significant to explain how the argument supports the thesis.

My sample argumentative essay shows how the body of the essay is supposed to be written. Additionally, my transition of the ideas is easily detectable making my essay one that can attract good marks.


Conclusion part of the essay has been the part that gives a lot of headache to most people. This part of the essay, as shown in argumentative essay example, bears a lot of importance because it is that, what will leave an impression on the readers mind. You ought to make sure that the conclusion is logical and effective. Never try to bring in fresh information or ideas but instead touch on the thesis and the points that were talked over in a body part. The way, my conclusion in the argumentative essay sample, provided depicts well how I’ve put into practice the above talked about. 

Apart from the argumentative essay sample that I have provided there are lots of other argumentative essay examples that can help you in understanding the essay. My argumentative essay examples are well composed just like the sample I provided. Follow the link examples of argumentative essays to my website where you will surely get the examples of argumentative essays.

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