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Definition Essay文章定义写作

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definition Essay写作教程

Definition Essay是什么意思?Definition Essay也称为文章定义,是对学生总结、统计、分析等能力综合水平测试的一类型文章。Definition Essay代写该怎么写呢?我们将在下列的文章中给大家详细解答:

关于Definition Essay是什么?

A definition essay seeks to elaborate and explain a given concept or physical object. It could provide information that everyone agrees on or explain a concept that causes contradiction of the definition, the concept on which people have different views. Definition essay is a useful tool in offering varied issues of the same topic; it does not zero in on one definition of the topic, and rather it provides different options. The definition of an essay is provided through intensive research from both primary sources and secondary sources.


Controversial essays provide information on topics such as love that bring about intensive debates; a love definition essay provides detailed definitions from different sources. Such essays provide a personal viewpoint of a given subject matter, written by individuals who have deep knowledge on a given topic. They provide the author's ideas and, therefore, are not entirely conclusive on what the definition of the said topic is. A love definition essay does not necessarily provide the reader with the true meaning of love; the reader has to understand that what they read is the opinion of the sole author and not a proven fact.


Another topic that needs the use of definition essays is the idea of whom or what a hero is, a hero definition essay offers the author's opinion on what a hero is. Heroes have different definitions in the society today, from a small age; people have different ideas of how heroes represent in the society. A hero definition essay provides the authors with the chance to express their own opinions of what a hero represents to them, just as in love, a hero essay does not provide conclusive information on the term hero. 


Writing a definition essay requires that the author have knowledge on the topic of discussion, for one to write an extended definition essay, they must have prior knowledge on the subject matter. For example, a psychologist can participate in writing a definition essay on the subject of psychology but they are limited on writing an extended definition essay on medicine.


When writing a definition essay, the writer should select a topic they personally feel needs more clarification, and they have the knowledge needed to provide this clarity. The second step to writing this type of essay involves the writer choosing a topic they have knowledge of and can provide the needed examples to provide clarification. Definition of an essay requires that the author provide academically proven information; it should however be conversant with their personal belief systems. The concept applies to the extended definition essays too.


The writer or author should not select a topic that needs broad information than what is available to them. On the other hand, the topic should not be limited to the author; the intention here is to provide thorough information for the reader. If a topic is too broad, the writer ends up writing irrelevant information, when it is too narrow, the information does not achieve it intended goal.



Definition Essay写作详解

Choose a term that you are interested in defining. There are many ways of defining any term, so you can write several different types of definition essays: a historical definition examines the various meanings that a word has had over an extended period of time; a negative definition tells readers both what the term means and what it does not mean; a restrictive definition limits your discussion by telling readers exactly which angle you will be examining or how you will be using the term; an objective definition informs readers by emphasizing the term itself; a subjective definition persuades readers by focusing on your opinions or perceptions of the term – the way you want to define it. Think about what type of definition will work best for your audience. (将所选对象限定一个标准或表述范围)
Gather information about the term that you have chosen. Decide what type of details and examples that you want to include in your essay.(举例,类比,突出限定对象)
Develop a thesis statement that clearly states the term that is being defined and your method of definition. Remember that a thesis should be only one sentence and should let the reader know exactly what to expect from your essay.(突出主题)
Write an introduction that orients the reader to what will follow in the essay. The thesis should also be listed in the introduction.(围绕主题方向展开介绍)
Write well-developed body paragraphs that support the thesis. Be sure to fully define your term by using the definition method that you have outlined in your thesis.(围绕主题拓展)
Organize the body in a way that best works with your method of definition – chronologically, emphatically, visually and others.(从各个方面分析主题)
Write a conclusion that sums up the essay’s main points and restates the thesis. Make it clear in the conclusion exactly what you want the reader to do with this information. Why should readers care about this term and its definition?(围绕主题综合,提出结论,总结全文)


Follow 4 rules for a good definition:


1. Don’t use the words "when" "where", giving a definition. A common practice is to define noun with noun, adjective with adjective and so on.
2. Remember, that definition is not a repetition.
3. Use simple and well- known term in your explanation.

4. Point out the distinguishing features of the term.

以上就是关于definition Essay定义的的一些解释和写作方法,希望能为大家在自己写论文的时候能提供一些帮助。