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        The Harvard referencing style is a popular style using the author-date system for in-text citations.



        In-text citations:在assignment中直接或间接引用其他材料时使用。(注意无逗号!)

        范例:"After that I lived like a young rajah in all the capitals of Europe…"(Fitzgerald 2004).

        Reference Lists:在assignment的最末尾,总结了你引用的所有材料。(注意逗号&句号!)

        基本格式:Last name,First Initial.(Year published).Title.City:Publisher,Page(s).

        范例:Fitzgerald,F.(2004).The great Gatsby.New York:Scribner.

        哈佛In-text Citations常见格式



        (Author Date)-一般加在句末

        范例:While an activist image of workers is sometimes presented(Rodrıguez-Garavito 2005),workers are more often depicted as unwilling accomplices in factory managers’manipulations(Ngai 2005).


        范例:In the long run,Saarinen(2006)argues,development of tourism may not always be the most favourable use of natural and cultural resources.

        2-3名作者(two or three authors)


        Learning on demand is becoming a type of lifestyle in modern society(McLoughlin&Lee 2007).

        Hogg and Reid(2001)propose several social cognitive processes that may explain leadership dynamics.

        Malinowski,Miller and Guota(1995)reported the same effects…

        The sheer size and scale of the industry causes problems for analysis(Riley,Ladkin&Szivas,2002).

        多作者(4 or more authors)


        Results of the cross-national study reported by Liu et al.(1987)indicate that concerns over impacts of tourism on the environment were shared by all the residents surveyed…

        A total of 38,350 visitors were recorded visiting those areas in 2004,including tour groups(Greiner et al.2005).

        多材料(multiple sources at one point)


        The pace of life is slow allowing for reflection(Hofstede 1997;House et al.2004;Triandis 1994).

        Boyer,Gibson,and Loretan(1999);Forbes and Rigobon(1999);and Stambaugh(1995)note that calculating correlations conditional on high or low returns,...

        哈佛Reference List常见格式

        书籍单作者(Books with One Author)


        Last name,First initial.(Year published).Title.Edition.(Only include the edition if it is not the first edition)City published:Publisher,Page(s).


        One author AND first edition:

        Patterson,J.(2005).Maximum ride.New York:Little,Brown.

        One author AND NOT the first edition

        Dahl,R.(2004).Charlie and the chocolate factory.6th ed.New York:Knopf.

        书籍多作者(Books with Two or More Authors)


        Last name,First initial.and Last name,First initial.(Year published).Title.City:Publisher,Page(s).


        Desikan,S.and Ramesh,G.(2006).Software testing.Bangalore,India:Dorling Kindersley,p.156.

        Vermaat,M.,Sebok,S.,Freund,S.,Campbell,J.and Frydenberg,M.(2014).Discovering computers.Boston:Cengage Learning,pp.446-448.

        Daniels,K.,Patterson,G.and Dunston,Y.(2014).The ultimate student teaching guide.2nd ed.Los Angeles:SAGE Publications,pp.145-151.

        *Remember,when citing a book,only include the edition if it is NOT the first edition!

        章节(Chapters in Edited Books)


        Last name,First initial.(Year published).Chapter title.In:First initial.Last name,ed.,Book Title,1st ed.*City:Publisher,Page(s).


        Bressler,L.(2010).My girl,Kylie.In:L.Matheson,ed.,The Dogs That We Love,1st ed.Boston:Jacobson Ltd.,pp.78-92.

        *When citing a chapter in an edited book,the edition is displayed,even when it is the first edition

        不同作品同一作者(Multiple Works By The Same Author)


        Brown,D.(1998).Digital fortress.New York:St.Martin's Press.

        Brown,D.(2003).Deception point.New York:Atria Books.

        Brown,D.(2003).The Da Vinci code.New York:Doubleday

        印刷期刊文章(Print Journal Articles)


        Last name,First initial.(Year published).Article title.Journal,Volume(Issue),Page(s).


        Ross,N.(2015).On Truth Content and False Consciousness in Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory.Philosophy Today,59(2),pp.269-290.

        Dismuke,C.and Egede,L.(2015).The Impact of Cognitive,Social and Physical Limitations on Income in Community Dwelling Adults With Chronic Medical and Mental Disorders.Global Journal of Health Science,7(5),pp.183-195.

        电子期刊文章(Journal Articles Found on a Database or on a Website)


        Last name,First initial.(Year published).Article Title.Journal,[online]Volume(Issue),pages.Available at:URL[Accessed Day Mo.Year].


        Raina,S.(2015).Establishing Correlation Between Genetics and Nonresponse.Journal of Postgraduate Medicine,[online]Volume 61(2),p.148.

        杂志(Print Magazines)


        Last name,First initial.(Year published).Article title.Magazine,(Volume),Page(s).


        Davidson,J.(2008).Speak her language.Men’s Health,(23),pp.104-106.

        报纸(Newspaper Articles)


        Last name,First initial.(Year published).Article title.Newspaper,Page(s).


        Weisman,J.(2015).Deal Reached on Fast-Track Authority for Obama on Trade Accord.The New York Times,p.A1.



        Last name,First initial(Year published).Page title.[online]Website name.Available at:URL[Accessed Day Mo.Year].

        When no author is listed,use the following structure:

        Website name,(Year published).Page title.[online]Available at:URL[Accessed Day Mo.Year].


        Messer,L.(2015).'Fancy Nancy'Optioned by Disney Junior.[online]ABC News.Available].,(2015).M&M'S Official Website.[online]Available].

        电影(DVD,Video,and Film)


        Film title.(Year published).[Format]Place of origin:Film maker.

        The place of origin refers to the place where the dvd,film,or video was made.Eg:Hollywood

        The film maker can be the director,studio,or main producer.


        Girls Just Want To Have Fun.(1985).[film]Chicago:Alan Metter.