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      1.Know your audience


      2.Use structure to build on ideas(Logical links)


      3.Use visuals

      65%of people are visual learners,a picture is worth a thousand words.


      4.Eye contact


      5.Have a story to tell(it has to be true)


      6.Be relatable

      (help your audience engage mentally)


      7.Build your confidence with practice

      (natural and authentic)



      To buy->purchase,acguire

      To get->obtain,achieve,receive

      A lot of->substantial,numerous




      Like->such as,for example,for instance



      it's great to be here with you today.

      Thanks for having me today.

      Hi guys,good morning.

      Hi guys,How's everyone doing?


      Let me briefly introduce my self

      My name is Summer and Im the(ceo)of XXX company).


      Today,I'd like to talk to you about...(如果是学术presentation可以把talk换成explain describe outline convince examine investigate inform assess...)

      My topic today is...

      This presentation is divided into four parts.

      Let me direct your attention to the screen.

      I want to begin by/with...

      And then I川move on to,..

      Next we are taling about...

      And finally we will land on...


      Let me begin by giving you some background information about(this issue).

      To get started,let's take alook at(this chart)here.


      Now,I'd liketomove on tothe second part of the presentation.

      Moving ontothe next topic.


      To give you an example,let's take a look at this.

      A good example of this is....


      That concludes my presentation.

      That brings us,brought us to the end of my presentation.


      Does anyone has any questions or comments?


      That's it from me,thank you for your attention.


      If there are no further questions at this point,I'dlike to give the stage to my coworker/teammate Austin.