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Contrast Essay代写需要遵循哪些结构要求?

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      很多留学生对于Contrast Essay写作不是很了解,拿不到高分也是常有的事,那么大家要如何彻底掌握Contrast Essay写作呢?今天Meeloun小编就给同学们分享Contrast Essay代写的结构以及技巧吧!

contrast essay代写
contrast essay代写结构

      Contrast Essay代写中的Introduction部分

      The introduction contains:

      A clear definition hook sentence that“grabs”the reader.


      Logical transition sentences that connect the hook to the thesis.


      A balanced and meaningful thesis statement that suits your essay.


      Contrast Essay代写中的Body Paragraphs部分

      Each body paragraph contains:

      A complete topic sentence that mentions both topics and the main point from the thesis(similarity or difference).


      At least two supporting details that are parallel and logical.


      At least two in-text citations:

      -Introduced and explained in the writer’s own words

      -Cited correctly

      -Well chosen





      Both body paragraphs focus on similarities OR differences(not one on differences,one on similarities).


      A concluding sentence that mentions the main idea and refers to both topics.

contrast essay代写

      Contrast Essay代写中的Conclusion部分

      The conclusion contains:

      A concluding statement or phrase that clearly signals the end of the essay.


      A restatement of the main points presented in the essay,but they are in different words.


      A final suggestion or evaluation of the two topics(which is better and why).


      A references page that lists at least two outside sources in appropriate APA(or other)format.


      以上就是Meeloun小编给同学们分享的关于Contrast Essay代写的结构分享,其实跟其他类型的essay没有太大的区别,同学们只要注意细节。拿高分还是很容易的。需要essay代写的同学可以扫描右边的二维码联系我们的客服哦!新客户首单立减5%!