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      本文分享曼切斯特大学全校语言项目负责人约翰·莫莱博士(Dr John Morley)给出的与结果介绍相关的句型,Meeloun论文网小编为大家整理了一下一共分为了11类,看完之后觉得非常有用,这里分享给大家,各位留学小伙伴们在以后的论文作业写作中能够合理运用。


      1 提及目标与方法Reference to aim or method

      原文一共给出了13个与重新提及目标与方法相关的句型。 以下是这些基本句型:

      Changes in X and Y were compared using ….
      Simple statistical analysis was used to ….
      To assess X, the Y questionnaire was used.
      To distinguish between these two possibilities, ….
      T-tests were used to analyse the relationship between ….
      In order to assess Z, repeated-measures ANOVAs were used.
      Regression analysis was used to predict the….
      The average scores of X and Y were comparedin order to ….
      Nine items on the questionnaire measuredthe extent to which ….
      The correlation between X and Y was tested.
      The first set of analyses examined the impact of ….
      To compare the scores three weeks afterinitial screening, a global ANOVA F-test was used.
      A scatter diagram and a Pearson’s product moment correlation were used to determine the relationship between ….

      2 提及引用图表Referring to data in a table or chart


      1 Table 1 or Figure 1 shows (compares, presents,provides)
      an overview of ….
      the experimental data on X.
      the summary statistics for ….
      the breakdown of X according to ….
      the results obtained from the preliminary analysis of X.
      the intercorrelations among the nine measures of X.
      2 The table below illustrates or The piechart above shows
      some of the main characteristics of the ….
      the breakdown of ….
      3 As shown in Figure 1 ( As can be seenfrom  Table 1, It can be seen from thedata in Table 1 that, From the graph above we can see that), the X groupreported significantly more Y than the other two groups.
      4 The results obtained from the preliminaryanalysis of X (The results of the correlational analysis, The themes identifiedin these responses)
      are shown
      can be compared
      are presented
      are set out
      are summarised
      in Table 1 (in Figure 1).

      3 突出说明图表中的重要数据Highlighting significant data in a table orchart

      原文一共给出了10个与突出图表中的重要数据相关的句型。 以下是这些基本句型:

      It is apparent from this table that veryfew ….
      This table is quite revealing in several ways. First, unlike the other tables …..
      What is interesting in this data is that ….
      In Fig.10 there is a clear trend of decreasing ….
      As Table III shows, there is a significant difference (t = -2.15, p = 0.03) between the two groups.
      The differences between X and Y are highlighted in Table 4
      From the chart, it can be seen that by farthe greatest demand is for ….
      From the data in Figure 9, it is apparent that the length of time left between ….
      From this data, we can see that Study 2 resulted in the lowest value of ….
      Data from this table can be compared withthe data in Table 4.6 which shows ….

      4 对正面结果的陈述Statements of positive result
      原文一共给出了13个与正面定结果的陈述相关的句型。 以下是这些基本句型:
      Strong evidence of X was found when ….
      This result is significant at the p = 0.05level.
      There was a significant positivecorrelation between ….
      There was a significant difference betweenthe two conditions ….
      On average, Xs were shown to have ….
      The mean score for X was ….
      Interestingly, for those subjects with X,….
      A positive correlation was found between Xand Y.
      The results, as shown in Table 1, indicatethat ….
      A two-way ANOVA revealed that ….
      Post hoc analysis revealed that during ….
      Further analysis showed that ….
      Further statistical tests revealed ….

      5 对负面结果的陈述Statements of negative result

      原文一共给出了11个与负面结果的陈述相关的句型。 以下是这些基本句型:

      There was no increase of X associated with…..
      There were no significant differencesbetween ….
      No significant differences were foundbetween ….
      No increase in X was detected.
      No difference greater than X was observed.
      No significant reduction in X was found compared with placebo.
      None of these differences were statistically significant.
      Overall, X did not affect males and females differently in these measures.
      The Chi-square test did not show any significant differences between ….
      A clear benefit of X in the prevention of Y could not be identified in this analysis.
      Only trace amounts of X were detected in ….
      6 突出显著的结果Highlighting significant, interesting or surprising results


      Interestingly, the X was observed to ….
      Interestingly, this correlation is relatedto ….
      The more surprising correlation is with the….
      The most surprising aspect of the data isin the ….
      The most striking result to emerge from thedata is that ….
      The correlation between X and Y is interesting because ….
      Interestingly, there were also differencesin the ratios of ….
      The single most striking observation to emerge from the data comparison was ….
      7 报道一个反应Reporting a reaction      

      原文一共给出了4个与反应 相关的句型。以下是这些基本句型:

      When X cells were stimulated with Y, no significant difference in the number of Z was detected.
      However, stimulation of X cells with Y did not increase the ….
      Following the addition of X, a significant increase (P<0.05) in the Y was recorded.
      With successive increases in intensity ofthe X, the Y moved further to ….

      8 写出调查问卷和访谈的结果Reporting results from questionnaires andinterviews

      原文一共给出了30个与 相关的句型。以下是这些基本句型:

      The response rate was 60% at six months and 56% at 12 months.
      Of the study population, 90 subjects completed and returned the questionnaire.
      Thirty-two individuals returned the questionnaires.
      By the end of the survey period, data hadbeen collected from 64 individuals, 23 of whom were ….
      This section of the questionnaire required respondents to give information on ….
      Respondents were asked to indicate whether….
      Respondents were asked to suggest other reasons for ….
      There were 53 responses to the question:‘….?’
      The total number of responses for this question was ….
      The overall response to this question waspoor.
      In response to the question: ‘….?’, a rangeof responses was elicited.
      In response to Question 1, most of those surveyed indicated that ….
      The overall response to this question wasvery positive.
      When the participants were asked ……, the majority commented that ….
      Other responses to this question included….
      The majority of those who responded to thisitem felt that ….
      70% of those who were interviewed indicated that …..
      Almost two-thirds of the participants (64%)said that …..
      Just over half of those who answered this question reported that ….
      Over half of those surveyed reported that….
      Approximately half of those surveyed did not comment on …..
      Of the 62 participants who responded to this question, 30 reported an increase in ….
      Of the 148 patients who completed the questionnaire, just over half indicated that ….
      A small number of those interviewed suggested that …..
      Only a small number of respondents indicated that ….
      Some participants expressed the belief that…..
      One individual stated that ‘….’ And another commented ‘….’
      A minority of participants (17%) indicated that ….
      One participant commented: ‘ ….’
      Another interviewee alluded to the notion of ….

      9 定性数据观察Observations about qualitative data

      原文一共给出了22个与定性数据观察相关的句型。 以下是这些基本句型:

      The themes of X and Y recurred throughout the dataset.
      Five broad themes emerged from the analysis.
      Two discrete reasons emerged from this.First …. Second .…
      A number of issues were identified .…
      This theme came up for example indiscussions of .…
      A recurrent theme in the interviews was asense amongst interviewees that …
      These views surfaced mainly in what respects .…
      There was a sense of X amongst interviewees.…
      A variety of perspectives were expressed .…
      A common view amongst interviewees was that.…
      Issues related to X were not particularly prominent in the interview data.
      In their accounts of the events surrounding….
      As one interviewee said: ….
      As one interviewee put it: ….
      For example, one interviewee said: ….
      Talking about this issue an interviewee said: ….
      Another interviewee, when asked …, said: ….
      The extract/comment below shows ….
      Some interviewees argued that .… whileothers .…
      Some felt that .… while others considered that .…
      Two divergent and often conflicting discourses emerged .…
      Whilst a minority mentioned that… all agreed that…

      10 过渡陈述Transition statements

      原文一共给出了6个与 相关的句型。 以下是这些基本句型:

      If we now turn to ….
      A comparison of the two results reveals ….
      Turning now to the experimental evidence on….
      Comparing the two results, it can be seen that ….
      The next section of the survey wasconcerned with ….
      In the final part of the survey, respondents were asked ….

      11 总结和过渡Summary and transition

      原文一共给出了6个与 相关的句型。以下是这些基本句型:

      These results suggest that ….
      Overall, these results indicate that ….
      Together these results provide importantinsights into ….
      Taken together, these results suggest thatthere is an association between ….
      In summary, these results show that ….
      The results in this Chapter indicate that…. The next Chapter, therefore, moves on to discuss the ….