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Narrative Essay写作Topics大赏

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      Narrative essay的目的只是教你用文学方式叙述你的经历。 为了能够撰写一篇好文章,你必须首先集体讨论你生活的不同方面,以及随之而来的经历。 它们既可以是消极的也可以是积极的,并且记得用尽可能多的细节列出它们。

Narrative Essay写作
Narrative Essay写作Topic
      以下是一些比较常见的Narrative Essay写作类型:
  • 到目前为止你最尴尬的经历
  • 你曾经发现过的最可怕的例子
  • 睁开眼睛,让您看到价值观的体验
  • 激励你更多地珍惜生命的一个例子
  • 恐惧超越的时刻,但勇气仍然盛行
  • 一种不舒服或不愉快的个人经历
  • 能让你欣赏自己所拥有的东西
  • 与家人度过的最难忘的一天
  • 你的特殊成功故事,用事实重述

      以下是一些可用于创建优秀学校或大学论文的论文主题。 它们对任何不知道从哪里开始的人都有用! 通过从此列表中选择主题,您可以对自己的成功之旅充满信心,但不要忘记检查教师的要求,以确保所选主题是合适的。 要成功选择主题,请查看此列表:

      The most memorable teacher.
      Your new job
      Facing a natural disaster, or how you’ve helped survivors of these calamities
      Little creations by you, and the experience of being able to invent them
      Gaining your faith, and losing it
      Dangerous situations you’ve faced
      Arguments with another person
      Your first travel to the countryside
      A circumstance that changed your behavior
      A time when people chose to help each other during a crisis
      Instances that changed your perception about other people
      Summer vacations from your childhood
      Your secret places or imaginary friends from childhood
      Circumstances that made you realize that your parents or other people were right
      That moment when you finally triumphed over your fear
      Change in your prejudiced views because other people
      The moment you decided what your future career path will be
      Little instances that taught you big things
      Meeting your first ever pet
      One of the most embarrassing moments
      Your first encounter with a storm or tornado
      A person you disliked in the beginning, but later became a good friendnarrative essay ideas
      A moment where you found yourself lost
      Your first sports experience
      Attending events, whether it be sports, music, or politics
      Instances when you underestimated people who seemed kind and innocent
      The impact of events that touched the whole country on you
      Rebelling against your parents or other people who you didn’t agree with
      Your heroes during childhood, and how they have influenced your life
      The moment when you realized you were wrong about other people
      A truth hidden from you, and how you reacted when you found out about it
      Discovering that other people look up to you and wish to be like you
      A teacher who has inspired you the most
      Tell about the most exhilarating musical experience you’ve ever had
      That present you got on your birthday but didn’t like
      The most impactful truth you’ve learned in your childhood
      A moment in which your opinion changed about the older and younger generations
      Things that changed your relationship with your parents
      Times when you have faced racial and religious discrimination, or witnessed someone go through it
      A time where you had to contact the police to help other people
      Fighting off procrastination, and the results of it
      The day where you had to become a leader
      Realizations about the world, and acknowledging the fact that we’re only a speck in the universe
      School lessons that taught you the most
      Solving a problem and what it has taught you
      The power of technology and how it holds hobbies and behavior
      The most exciting assignment you’ve had in school
      Finding out you were having a sibling
      How you wrote your first essay, and how it has evolved since then

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