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      Some people think that writing the conclusion is the hardest part of writing an essay. For others, writing the conclusion is easy. When you write a conclusion, follow these guidelines:


let the reader know that this is the conclusion. You can mark the conclusion with some kind of transition or connector that tells the reader that this is the final paragraph of the essay.

      Here are some examples:
      In conclusion,  For the information given, To summarize,

      Sometimes the first sentence of the conclusion restates the thesis or main idea of the essay:

      A previously noted, there are numerous problems that new parents face today.(Example)

Do not introduce new information in the conclusion. The conclusion should help reader to reconsider the main idea that you have given in the essay. Any new information in the concluding paragraph will sound like a continuation of the body of the essay.

Many writers find the conclusion difficult to write. It requires a great deal of thought and creativity, just as a good hook or thesis statement does. The kind of essay you are writing may determine the way you end the essay; however the following ideas can be helpful for any essay.

      a. The final sentence or sentences of an essay often give a suggestion, an opinion, or a prediction about the topic of the essay.

      Suggestion: In order for young people to successfully learn a language, parents need to encourage them at an early age.

      Opinion: Learning a second language at an early age is, in effect, a smart choice.

      Prediction: If more young people were bilingual, perhaps they would better understand the complex world around them.

      b. Sometimes the final sentence or sentences simply say that the issue has been discussed in the essay with so many strong, persuasive facts that the answer to the issue is now clear.

      Once aware of this information, any reader would agree that bilingual education is an excellent educational opportunity.(Example)