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什么是critical reading?(附Leicester大学官方指导)

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什么是critical reading?(附Leicester大学官方指导)
      在国外大学中是非常注重critical思维培养的,更有critical essay也是让很多中国留学生为之犯难,这类critical thinking作业相较于其他类型的英文论文更需要思考,更需要写作深度,更需要自己的critical思维能力。培养critical写作思维的方式之一就是critical reading,那么什么是critical reading呢?对critical essay写作又有什么帮助呢?下文中meeloun小编为大家一一解析。文章最后还为大家奉上了英国莱斯特大学的官方指导文档,大家可以点击下载查看。

      Sometimes we read just for pleasure or entertainment; sometimes we read just to obtain information, taking it for granted that the information is reliable. Then what is critical reading?

      Several Definitions of Critical Reading

      1. Critical reading means analyzing and evaluating what we read – to repeat, working out what is good and what is not, and why.


      2. Critical reading means reading with the goal of finding deep understanding of a material, whether it is fiction or nonfiction. It is the act of analyzing and evaluating what you are reading as you progress, or as you reflect back.


      3. To read critically is to make judgments about how a text is argued. This is a highly reflective skill requiring you to "stand back" and gain some distance from the text you are reading.


      The key points are:

      *don't read looking only or primarily for information  

      *do read looking for ways of thinking about the subject matter

      Critical reading means reading—and thinking—with an open mind, not to agree or disagree, but to discover ideas and information.

      To be a critical reader doesn’t mean criticizing. In essence, everything is up for question.

      Being critical means being analytical, evaluative, questioning, investigative, sceptical and challenging.

      A critical reader

      *follows evidence where it leads
      *considers allthe possibilities
      *relies on reason rather than emotion
      *values exact thinking
      *considers the source of material before deciding how much weight to assign it
      *weighs the effects of motives and biases, both his own and those ofthe author
      *be more concerned with finding the truth than being right
      *doesn’t reject unpopular views withoutexamining them first
      *has good reasons for believing some things and disbelieving others, for agreeing with some authors and disagreeing with others

      Critical reading in Fiction

      When you read a piece of fiction critically, you use your common sense to determine what the writer means, as opposed to what the written words actually say.One way to read a novel critically is to be aware of the lessons or messages that a writer is sending in a subtle way.

      Critical reading in Nonfiction

      As a critical reader, you will need to be mindful of this process. The goal of critical thinking is to evaluate information in an unbiased way. This includes being open to changing your mind about a subject if the good evidence exists. However, you should also try not to be influenced by unsound evidence.The trick to critical reading in nonfiction is to know how to separate the good evidence from the bad.

      这里meeloun小编从英国名校莱斯特大学官方网站找到了一份关于critical reading的指导文档,小编看完觉得非常有用,这里给大家分享出来,大家可以点击标题进行下载:what is critical reading — University of Leicester