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SAT Essay写作必用的三个列子(学霸推荐)

发表时间:2014-09-05 15:06:38

本文收集的三个STA essay写作的列子可以用作大家的写作材料,学霸测试,安全有效!……

Bernard Law Montgomery
Bernard Law Montgomery is an English strategist and also field marshal. He is one of the most famous commanders during the Second World War, especially well-known for Battle of El Alamein and The Normandy Invasion.
Montgomery’s father was much older than his mother, so gradually the young wife became arrogant and willful due to husband’s spoil. What’s more his mother hated dirtiness very much. Therefore, in this family the young and naughty child Montgomery did not get much affection. Once he broke his mother’s favorite fish tank. His mother drew him a conclusion that he would succeed in doing nothing except for serving as cannon fodder. Young Montgomery was really hurt by these words and he did not believe that his mother would curse on him like this. Later he began to be very careful and did everything according to his mother’s mood. Living in this family, he accidentally cultivated his observation ability and willpower. He did not sink into his mother’s indifference, and instead he grew up during military life. The childhood experience turned him into an extremely independent person and Commander Montgomery in the future.
He is not an ordinary commander, but the commander among the commanders. He enjoyed the reputation and elevated prestige in the field military.
蒙哥马利生在一个老夫少妻的家庭,丈夫对自己的妻子宠爱有加,让年轻的妻子养成了任性骄纵的习惯。而且她还有洁癖,十分讨厌肮脏。小时候的蒙哥马利十分顽皮,在家中并不受宠爱。一次他打碎了他母亲最喜爱的一个花瓶,然后他的母亲给他下了个结论说他除了当炮灰,将来什么也做不成,做不来。 这句话给蒙哥马利带来了极大的伤害,他不敢相信自己的母亲会这样诅咒自己。蒙哥马利由此性情大变,开始小心翼翼按照母亲情绪做事。在这样的家庭环境下,他意外地培养了自己的观察力和意志力。他并没有沉沦在母亲的漠视中而是在军旅生活中慢慢成长。童年的生活经历成就了后来的蒙哥马利。

Henry R. Luce
Henry Luce, the father of the famous magazines, “Times”, “Fortune” and “Life”, is one of most influential medium persons of the 20th century. He is the legend of the media industry who changes the history of American media and creates an empire of media.
After graduating from Yale in 1920 and a year of further study in Oxford, Henry Luce stepped into society. He first went to International Combine-harvester Corporate, but he was refused. Then he went to “Chicago Daily News”, yet he left office later because of the economic recession. Finally he got his luck. One of his classmates, Harden and him were arranged to work for a news agency. They had no experience or money, but they wanted to found their own greatest newspaper, neither too inferior nor too oppressive. To establish a business is really difficult, especially to these young people. Through the relationship of Yale students, they visited the authorities and celebrities one by one and they did their utmost to raise money. Though the process was hard, they finally set up the magazine Times after year’s constant effort. “Times”, famous for its concise and clear style, provides effective and ongoing world news to those busy people. Now Times is the one of the most influential magazines around the world.
Throughout all his life, Henry Luce devotes himself to journalism. The greatest thing he left to the world is the revolution of magazine news industry. He initiated the form of news magazine. The operation of American magazine brands, infinite worship of originality and other magazine operations all come from him.

Freddie Mercury
Best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band Queen, Freddie Mercury was a successful musician, singer and songwriter. He hit the music world with flamboyant stage persona and powerful vocals over a four-octave range, and his prevalent compositions included "Killer Queen", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Somebody to Love" and "We Are the Champions".
Freddie Mercury’s way to fame was not that smooth. He came to a bump when he was 18 years old. Due to the 1964 Zanzibar Revolution, Mercury and his family had to leave their homeland Zanzibar to England. Because of poorness when they first arrived at a new country, Mercury had to strive harder to continue his pursuit for music which he had insisted during the past seven years. During the first summer vacation at Isleworth Polytechnic (now West Thames College) in West London where he studied art, he did several part-time jobs in a nursing house, Heathrow Airport and Feltham Real Estate Exchange. Even his fellow workers were shocked and touched that he worked so hard for art study. Though quite a part of his time and efforts were moved to jobs, his study was not negatively influenced. He studied equally diligently and efficiently, and graduated from Isleworth Polytechnic with a grade of “A” in the end.
His perseverance for art laid a good foundation for his later study in Ealing Art College, and ultimately contributed to his success in music.
弗雷迪·墨丘利以皇后乐队主唱的身份出名,他是成功的音乐家、歌手和作曲家。他以艳丽的舞台魅力和四个八度强大的音色震惊世界,著名作品包括"Killer Queen", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Somebody to Love" 以及 "We Are the Champions"。