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在前面的文章essay如何写出深度?先看introduction写作套路!当中我们给大家说了introduction写作套路SPQR结构,今天Meeloun 小编就为大家用实际例子来为大家评析一下用这个套路去写introduction到底有什么好处,这样希望可以给大家的作用比较深刻。

题目:A new marketing mix model to rescue the hospitality industry: Evidence from Egypt after the Arab Spring

作者:Doaa Salmana, Yasser Tawfikb, Mohamed Samyc, Andres Artal-Turd


The tourism and hospitality industry is the most diverse and vibrant economic activities. It represents one of the largest market segments in Mediterranean (MED) countries (Thulemark, Lundmark & Heldt-Cassel, 2014). The industry was built on active products and service innovators and frequently set trends that developed different brands. The brands* popularities were developed so that customers could identify them with their particular values. The portfolio of this industry includes different hotels, companies, chain operators and small medium enterprises (SMEs).

【Meeloun评析:这一大段都属于提供背景信息,也就是 SPQR架构里面的Situation情景部分

In south MED social or political challenges arena had negative consequences on the tourism industry. The turmoil that occurred in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia whether on the social or the political arena had negative cost on almost all aspects of the economy. The tourism sector in particular suffered huge losses in the years that followed the turbulence (El-Katiri, 2014). The unprecedented circumstances have driven the tourism sector to a continuous decline on the sector's profitability. The drop in returns drove hotels to adopt short tactical strategies that could help in at least reaching the breakeven point. Among the adopted practices many rely on discounting advertising campaigns in national newspapers, downsizing in the labor force, and cutting the cost of operation are amongst the adopted practices. Applying these practices didn’t provide any clearly state fruitful results.

【Meeloun评析:这部分都属于SPQR架构里面 的Problem难题,引起Question问题.尽管没有明确地简要介绍相关研究和找出先前研究的缺陷,但事实上在后面的文中会出现references来支持的.确实也有文章是在introduction部分不写出他人研究的,这个可以看你导师的具体要求】

Here appears the importance of this study. This study sheds light on, how embraced management practices in Egypt related to the employed marketing mix have led to maintain occupancy rates of hospitality properties at its safe boundaries.


This country's study will improve our understanding of the main issues characterizing the countries' losing and wining visitors along the transition process. The study is organized as follows: it starts by overview to the Egyptian hospitality industry, then the theoretical frame work of the hospitality industry in Egypt, followed by the research methodology and finally the results, discussion and policy recommendation.


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