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        首先这是一篇读书报告,读书报告是要稍微讲下剧情但是又不能没有自己的想法,标题可以在后续再取,但是需要有一个thesis(中心思想),中心思想需要在开头的结尾表明,在这篇Essay明确地表示“The essay will be talking about the consciousness and unconsciousness of protagonist as flaneur.“(这篇Essay将会讨论男主角有意识和无意识的浪子行为)并在第一段简单的介绍Essay的大概背景和内容(取决于Essay的长短,原文的介绍可长可短,尽量控制在一段以内讲完)

        Women or Wife?Consciousness and Unconsciousness As Flaneur.

        One Evening in the Rainy Season wrote in 1929 by Zhecun Shi,who was a journal editor,literature translator,yet was most known as a Chinese author with his modernist short stories.The story was talking about a monologue which describe the mental activity of a young married office man met a beautiful girl while they were taking shelter from the rain in Shanghai,which was one of opening harbor.Whereas people who lived in Shanghai had higher level education and open-mind thoughts.The essay will be talking about the consciousness and unconsciousness of protagonist as flaneur.


        The protagonist became aware of his own unusual starts from the question he asked himself twice before and after the young women first shows up in the story:“why didn’t I walked to the other side of the street at the moment I could have crossed?”(Lau&Goldblatt,2007,p.118)and“but why didn’t I cross over,and continue on my way home?”(Lau&Goldblatt,2007,p.119)These two lines made the encounter with the young women destined.Besides,the protagonist consciously think about his wife,yet still gave himself the reasons to approach her:“before me was standing a beautiful companion,and the one in the midst of difficulty;lonely…It was quite simply for these reasons that involuntarily I edged up to her side,”(Lau&Goldblatt,2007,p.119)it is not difficult to find that protagonist was interested in the girl as the flaneur.Besides,the monologue when protagonist guessed the background of this familiar-looking girl,who he thought was his very first girlfriend and excited about the reunion.However,the protagonist was tortured by the contradictory between his“first girlfriend”and wife:“I’d married.I hadn’t seen her again.She must have grown even prettier….”(Lau&Goldblatt,2007,p.122).As a result,the thought of protagonist was easy to distract:“he thinks about his youth,the next he recalls a Japanese painting brought to mid by the image of the woman battling against the storm,”(Wang,2012,p.21)the protagonist continually thinks about the girl from the very beginning consciously which like flaneur elsewhere.

        On the other hand,protagonist also had some unconscious actions to cover his“sin”and guilt.The first action was lowering the umbrella:“unless people intentionally bent down,they wouldn’t be able to see our face.”(Lau&Goldblatt,2007,p.121)The reason he lowered the umbrella is he was afraid that people recognized him walking with a young woman but not his wife.The second action was at the end when he went home he did not recognized the path that he and the young woman walked was the path that heading back home.At the end,the young woman came to be in the protagonist’s house,“I recognized the woman who had been leaning on the shop counter and eyeing enviously bot me and the young women,”(Lau&Goldblatt,2007,p.124)can illustrate the guilt of protagonist unconsciously with his own imagination.In addition,he told the lie to his wife for why he came back late which also the natural protection of human-beings when they met difficulties.