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Economy has been throughout history, a focal point in all societies. Today, more than ever, it is a central issue for each and every government in the world. With the financial crisis, it is the main concern in the agenda, both at the national and international level. Most of the attention is on the big economies, like the United States, or Western Europe, but it is also focused on developing countries, which give interesting examples of how to modernize not only their economy, but also their countries.

Among these, Latin America is a region that is calling the attention around the world. Countries like Brazil, Mexico and Chile are leading the economy and the international insertion. Nevertheless, these are not the only countries with interesting perspectives, Peru, for example, has done an incredible work in the last couple of years, as it will be shown.

In this essay, several points will be taken into account in order to go deeper and try to answer the question made in the title. First, a general description of Peru’s economy, including its main economic policies will be made. Then, it will be, in terms of indicators, compared with the world and with Latin America. Later, its foreign trade, partners and perspectives will be analyzed. Finally, the effect of economic issues in de