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一晃眼,Meeloun小编和大家已经消灭了很多在英文作业中常用,且比较简单重复的表达,比如:people/ good/ thing/ with the development of/ want/ not 等。今天,又要来一个狠角色:way。

      因为 way 这个词本身就有很多的意思,所以在不同情境下,我们就可以用更多适合这个场景的词汇来替换。话不多说,直接来看完整的 list 吧。


      road/ street/ path/ trail/ track/ thoroughfare/ highway/ avenue/ road network

      Commuters in big cities normally have to spend more time on the way to their workplace.
      → Commuters in big cities normally have to spend more time on travelling to their workplace.


      means/ measure/ method/ approach

      There are many ways to solve the problem
      → several effective measures can be taken to …


      behaviour/ cultural norms/ tradition/ custom/ folklore/ pattern

      On the other hand, doing things in a traditional way also has its advantages.
      → On the other hand, following social norms has its advantages.


      route/ trail/ track

      Going to university is the best way to become successful.
      → Studying at university or college is the ideal route to a successful career


      direction/ target/ aim

      Kids are running this way and that.
      → Kids are running in all directions.

      distance/ time

      A new deal on global cooperation in protecting the environment is still a long way away.
      → The distance between the status quo and a global agreement on global cooperation in protecting the environment remains as great as ever.


      aspect/ area/ field/ respect

      In many ways, the life of the elderly has been a hard one.
      → In many respects, the life of the elderly has been a hard one.


      condition/ state

      The economy is in a bad way.
      → The roots of the unrest lie in the country's dismal economic state.

      Unhealthy foods should not be marketed in a way that attracts children.
      They best way to save endangered species is by protecting natural habitats.
      Community service is a way to reform offenders.
      Physical punishment is a way of controlling children using fear.
      Boys and girls may learn in different ways and have different needs.

      As a result, goods carried by road often have to be trans-shipped at border areas or loading points along a designated route.

      A second direction for new initiatives will probably be found in outreach for raising awareness among the general public on the potential of our planet for future generations and to encourage young people to learn more about our home planet, its powers, its beauty and its challenges.

      Education is a process of socialisation by which culture is imparted and develops creativity that can challenge existing cultural norms.

      The challenge is to enhance the impact of this assistance and ensure consistency with national policy objectives through a more coordinated approach