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UAL告诉你Project Proposal该如何写

发表时间:2016-11-14 13:18:12

      小编我在跟客服部Aiden交流的时候了解到这个月他就收到了两个客户关于Project Proposal写作要求,那么今天小编我就特意把Project Proposal写作的技巧给大家整理了一下,毕竟我们Meeloun的营销部是需要根据客服部的订单来做出相应的优化,确保让很多有同样写作困难的同学们在Meeloun顺利解决难题。下文中Meeloun就以为UAL(伦敦艺术大学中央圣马丁学院)的写作要求告诉大家如何写出一篇规范的Proposal,一般情况下Project Proposal的字数在800以内,其中资料来源,参考书目和附录部分不包含在字数内。我们以前还为大家分享过很多关于proposal的文章,这里这篇Dissertation Proposal代写各部分细节指导有兴趣的同学们可以看一下。

      以下是Project Proposal写作机构跟方法介绍:

Your Background

Using bullet points, state professional qualifications, skills, experiences, abilities and prior practice that are relevant to your proposal.

Outline Proposal

Describe your precise area of interest and research/study you wish to undertake demonstrating your contextual knowledge.

Describe the core of your project in three to four sentences.

Outline the context in which your project operates answering questions such as: Why is your project relevant? Who might be its audience(s)?


Refer to specific areas, critical ideas and precedents, which underpin and frame your proposal.
This section invites you to extend the description of your project focusing on specific areas. Particularly important is your evaluation of precedents and how you position your project in relationship to these.


Outline the sequence of practical, of theoretical and of visual research that you intend to follow.

This section requires you to be specific about how you plan to conduct your project and where particular challenges might lie.


Evaluate your work to date. Which conclusions are you are able to draw?

Where do you think the strengths of your work lie and where are areas you might improve?


Document resources that you have drawn on as part of your research towards your proposal including professional contacts, libraries, museums, galleries, special archives or collections.
Document any professional contacts that might support the delivery of your project. These might be drawn from the list above and / or extend to your access to research or production facilities, potential collaborators etc.


Please give clear references of any relevant documentary material including books, images, videos, objects, artworks, online sources etc.

Appendix (optional)

This section is optional. You can insert any additional material that you consider relevant but not a core part of your project proposal.
This could be other projects, notebooks, drawings, company analyses, or additional research material.

      在跟Aiden的沟通得知我们的写作团队已经为其中一位客户完成了Project Proposal的写作,而另一位客户的订单也在紧锣密鼓的完成当中,如果各位同学们在以后的学业中遇到Project Proposal等类似写作难题,都可以联系meeloun为大家解决。同时大家可以关注我们的Meeloun官方微信,我们会把一些写作技巧和优惠活动第一时间在微信上发送给大家,这样大家就可以随时随地随手get更多我们的资讯,大家可以扫描下面的二维码关注我们。