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48个Controversial Paper Topics集锦

发表时间:2016-10-09 14:34:58

48个比较有争议的Paper Topics集锦

大多数情况下大家在被布置要写Paper的时候题目都是老师会大致给出来,然后自己确定写作方向。但是如果一些教授如果给出了一些比较有争议的Paper Topics的话可能就有些麻烦了。下面Meeloun就根据我们上面为客户代写的paper当中一些比较好的Controversial Paper Topics集锦,大家可以看一下,参考一下,思考一下自己如果被布置这些题目应该如何去写。

Abortion Rights Human Rights
      Adoption Immigration
      Advertising Ethics Internet Privacy
      Affirmative Action Juvenile Offenders
      Alcohol Landmines
      Alternative Medicine Legalization of Marijuana
      Animal Experimentation & Rights Legal Drinking Age
      Anti-Semitism Media and Terrorism
      Bioethics Media Images of Minorities
      Biological Weapons Media in Wartime
      Bilingual Education Media Violence
      Business Ethics Medical Ethics
      Capital Punishment Medical Malpractice
      Censorship Mental Health
      Civil Liberties & Anti-Terrorism Measures Minimum Wage
      Child Abuse Middle East
      Class Action Lawsuits National Security
      Cloning Nuclear Waste
      Crime Victims Nuclear Weapons
      Corporate Corruption & Responsibility Nutrition
      Death Penalty Prescription Drug Advertising
      Domestic Violence Political Corruption
      Driving Under the Influence Population
      Drug Legalization Pornography
      Eating Disorders Poverty
      Endangered Species Prayer in Public Schools
      Environment Prisons
      Euthanasia Racism
      Evolution Rape
      Family Relations School Violence
      Female Genital Mutilation School Dress Code
      Foreign Aid School Reform
      Free Speech Sex Education
      Freedom of the Press Sexual Harassment
      Gambling Smoking
      Gangs Social Security
      Gay Marriage and Parenting Stem Cell Research
      Gay Rights Steroids
      Gays in the Military Suicide
      Genetic Engineering Teenage Pregnancy
      Global Warming Terrorism
      Globalization War
      Gun Control Welfare
      Hate Crimes Women’s Rights
      Health Care Women In The Military
      Home Schooling Working Mothers
      Homelessness Workplace Violence