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Don’t you just love procrastinating the moment when you start writing an important research paper? You’ve already done a preliminary research, but haven’t moved from that point for weeks. When the deadline gets too close, you start getting anxious and desperate to find an easy way out. Don’t worry; there are great online tools that you can use at this point and still end up with a brilliant research paper by the deadline.

Colwiz —

This reference manager will accelerate the research process and enable you to sort, cite and share the sources you intend to use. You can use Colwiz to locate relevant articles and manage the notes and references through cloud backup. The best part is that the tool enables you to automatically format the bibliography with over 6500 citation styles.

NinjaEssays —

This essay writing service can be useful through all stages of research paper writing: from conceptualizing to researching to writing to editing. You can hire professionals with MA and PhD degrees in the relevant fields of study and rely on their knowledge for faster completion of your research paper. You can hire an expert to provide you with the right resources, edit your paper or help you throughout the writing process.

ReadCube –

In order to write a successful research paper, you need to do a lot of reading, managing and citing. With the help of ReadCube, you can progress through the different stages of completion with ease. The tool enables you to import PDF files from your computer and make them searchable. You will also get daily article recommendations based on the library you collect. That’s the best way to get more material without even trying.

Qiqqa –

This free reference manager and research manager is one of the most effective tools you could possibly use during research paper writing. It enables you to organize the PDFs you will use for the project, import them into separate libraries, search through them and detect duplicate sources. Quiqqa provides intuitive information about papers, as well as connections between different concepts. You can also use the tool to share library documents, notes and metadata with a selected group of people.

Mendeley –

If you were looking for a free tool that helps you manage the writing, research and citation process with ease, then Mendeley will surely make you happy. Mendeley gives you 2GB space for online storage, which is enough to keep all your sources secure in one place. You can access the collected materials online or offline, and annotate on the go by highlighting and adding sticky notes throughout the text. Mendeley also enables you to generate the citations and bibliography in the style you choose.

Citavi –

The most difficult part of the research paper writing process is finding your way around the pile of sources you managed to assemble. Thanks to Citavi, you can avoid chaos by saving the important quotations accompanied with proper citation information (including page numbers). Then you can use the tool to insert the quotations and thoughts you saved directly into the document.

EndNote –

This powerful tool enables you to collect and manage different reference materials and manage the journals, research papers, essays or books you write. The ability to search through extensive online databases and access full-text articles will enable you to complete your research papers much faster. EndNote also has a collaborative feature that’s perfect for team projects.

Todoist —

The first thing you need to do is organize your thoughts as well as your materials. It can be easy to get lost if you don’t write down your plan and to-do list. Todoist is a free online task manager that you can access from any web-capable device and on most platforms. It has a simple and clean interface that anyone can figure out. You can use it to make your systematic plan, organize your research, and build your outline. You can also use it offline. You can make do with the free version. Pay $29 a year for the premium version and you get important features such as notes, file attachments, and automatic backups.

Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Outline Maker —

If you are organization-challenged, you will like this online outline maker. Created by Cambridge Rindge and Latin School librarian Holly Samuels in 2003, the site has had 12 million page views. It is not the fanciest tool in the whole world, but it gets the job done if you just need a place to put your hat. Fill in the blanks based on your research and it will generate an outline you can save and print.

Research Paper Writers —

When you are all at sea, out of time, or just need a helping hand, this expert writing service can help you at any stage of your research paper writing. Collaborate with professional researchers with MAs and PhDs to their name to help you get your research materials together, brainstorm for ideas, polish what you have written, or format the reference page for you. Their rates range from $1.99 a page to format your paper to $25.99 a page for a research summary (read review of literature).

Zotero —

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find relevant content in any website you visit for research with a click of the mouse? This free downloadable tool can do that for you. It will help you collect research materials online and offsite, organize what you have, cite sources in any of the more popular citation styles (that alone should convince you), and share your sources with others. You can even sync it across PCs so you can switch from one computer to another without missing a beat. It downloads as a plugin and works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and there are even plugins for MSWord and LibreOffice. It is one of the best tools out there for anyone who does research, and not just for research papers, either!

CiteThisForMe —

If you have done most of the heavy lifting already, and just need to get your references in order, this free citations creator tool is what can get you past the finish line in record time. Just plug in the ISBN, title of the book, or author, choose the referencing format you need, and it will generate the entry for you.

You can copy and paste it as a reference page entry or in-text citation there and then. Add in other references, and when you are done, download the reference page as a Word document. Presto, instant and properly formatted references! That takes care of at least a couple of hours of tedious work.

You can even get CiteThisForMe to generate topic ideas and references for you based on what other users are doing. If you are a Chrome user, download the plugin to get one-click referencing for websites. The free version is perfectly functional, but if you want to keep your work forever on the CiteThisForMe server, you make a one-time payment of $19.99 or a monthly payment of $6.99.

Grammarly —

At the end of the day, you still need to proofread and edit your work, another couple of hours you will never get back. Grammarly is an online spelling and grammar checker that can make it easier for you.

While it is not infallible, it does catch more grammar gaffes and spelling errors than the average built-in spell checker on text editing software. The basic version is free, but if you want it to check for plagiarism, you need the premium account. Plans start from $29.95 a month.

You can get your research paper writing done the hard way, or you can make it easy on yourself with any of these 7 digital tools. If nothing else, use any of the citation checkers to give yourself a break. No one cares how you created your reference pages and citations, anyway, as long as it follows the correct format.

Commitment is the most important tool

Now that you have the right apps and websites that will help you write that paper, it’s time to do the actual work. Research paper writing is a challenging task, but the tools we listed above can make it way more interesting. Explore your options and start working on the assignment today!