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1. Storage

Dropbox: Modern studying can easily become a mismanaged mess without the right tools to help you keep organized. Dropbox can help you handle all of your documents, photos and videos in one accessible place whether you’re in college, relaxing in your dorm room or visiting your parents at home. Every new users gets 2GB of free storage but students can save money by getting an extra 500MB more for every friend you recommend. Apart from being free, what we love about Dropbox is that you can use it on a wide range of devices including your Blackberry or Kindle Fire.

Dropbox Mobile App - Android     Dropbox Mobile App - iOS

2. Math

Mathway: It may not look like a beauty queen but Mathway has the mental power to solve your maths questions and remove the guesswork. You can choose from various mathematical functions from algebra to calculus and everything in between. Don’t get lazy! Mathway can confirm your answer but don’t rely on it for every question you attempt. We recommend that you work out an answer first before inputting it into the handy maths app.

Mathway Mobile App - Android     Mathway Mobile App - iOS

3. Studying

ExamTime: We couldn’t talk about the best apps for college students without mentioning our own ExamTime Mobile App! The announcement introducing our iOS and Android mobile apps is hot off the press and has been long awaited by students using our web tools. Don’t waste a minute by learning on-the-go and discovering over 1.5 million learning resources from around the globe. Remember, you must sign up to ExamTime before downloading the app. Get the app for free here:

ExamTime Mobile App - Android     ExamTime Mobile App - iOS

4. English Language The app is a must-have for any student, not just those studying languages. If your lecturer starts mentioning words that are flying over your head, a simple search on the mobile app will make you sound like Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. Also, special mention to the integration with which can transform any assignment into a piece of English literature. Mobile App - Android Mobile App - iOS

5. Organization

Pocket: Unlike Dropbox and, Pocket is almost like a well-kept secret that a lot of students haven’t picked up on yet. Pocket lets you bookmark articles, videos and other online content so you can take a look at them later when you have the time. The best thing about the free iOS and Android app is that you can make better use of your time by reducing distractions and forcing procrastination to the side.

Pocket Mobile App - Android     Pocket Mobile App - iOS

6. Health and Fitness

MyFitnessPal: Being a student not only puts pressure on you to perform well educationally, it also makes it difficult to manage your eating habits in a healthy way. Working hard preparing for upcoming exams is NOT an excuse to eat whatever food you want. The “My Fitness Pal” app helps you easily keep track of the calories you are consuming with their nutritional database. You can even add in any exercise you have done to understand your calorie intake and output.

MyFitnessPal Mobile App - Android     MyFitnessPal Mobile App - iOS

7. Cooking

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner: Even if you’re a university student living away from home, it doesn’t mean you have to be without the comfort of a warm and tasty meal. You don’t need to be a top chef to whip up a 5 star meal for your roomies, try out the Allrecipes “dinner spinner” for some recommended recipes. Get stuck in and try cooking up something new, it even gives cocktail ideas.

Allrecipes Mobile App - Android     Allrecipes Mobile App - iOS

8. Travel

TripAdvisor: Erasmus students have the opportunity to explore what your new host country has to offer and TripAdvisor will help you accomplish that goal. Taste the local culture in the most popular restaurants and sample the nightlife with recommended hotspots. Make sure to filter your searches by price to make the most of your student discount. You can also take a look to see if there is a guide for your home city to grab a bargain.

TripAdvisor Mobile App - Android     TripAdvisor Mobile App - iOS

9. Budgeting

Mint: College students have limited disposable income which means you need to budget so you don’t run out of cash at the end of the month. The Mint app links up with your bank account so you can track your finances to account for your spending. You can even set reminders for your bills so you won’t have to pay any late fees.

Mint Mobile App - Android     Mint Mobile App - iOS

10. Reading

Kindle: Turn your mobile device into a book with the Kindle reading app. Whether you’re spending your time reading books for pleasure or you’re desperately trying to deconstruct research papers for a class project, the Kindle app can take digital reading to the next level. Possibly the best feature is the ability to highlight and look-up the definition of words using the built-in dictionary. Save yourself countless Google searches!

Kindle Mobile App - Android     Kindle Mobile App - iOS