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Dissertation Proposal是什么?dissertation proposal代写

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Dissertation Proposal代写服务

对于每一个留学生来说,你的论文研究计划(Dissertation Proposal)应该是你遇到过的最重要的文件之一。没有它,你将无法建立你的研究的起点。这就是为什么一个正确的研究计划直接影响着一篇好的论文产生。如果没有做好你的Dissertation Proposal,那么你的整篇dissertation也将受到影响。我们为您提供专业的dissertation proposal代写服务。下面我们来谈谈Dissertation Proposal写作需要注意的一些问题。

Writing a dissertation proposal is challenging to say the least, not only do you have to do a lot of research within your field but you also have to make your research question sound profound , interesting and potentially noteworthy. It has to answer a question that hasn’t been answered before, or it has to develop something that has already been proposed, or even dispute something. All of this takes a huge amount and concentration, but don’t worry because help is at hand from a variety of sources and you will find the whole process easier than you had first imagined.

your dissertation proposal should follow this plan

A title – including your name, degree, supervisor name, date and proposed title of your dissertation.

A contents page.

An introduction – explain the purpose of your research, adding a brief background of its history.

Aims - set out your objectives and make them clear, in list form.

Methodology – detail the scope and limitations of your proposed research methods.

Literature review – summarise existing and established theory and research in the field, which will serve to provide a context for your own research in the field.

Opportunities and constraints – set the boundaries for the amount of research you will carry out.

Resources – list all of the resources you think you will need to be able to carry out your research.

Timetable – a table complete with activities you expect to carry out within certain time frames.


An mba dissertation proposal is only slightly different in that it will also include

Data collection methods – where you will add the specific methods you wish to use in your research.

A conclusion – a summary of why the research is important and what the study aims to do.

A PhD dissertation proposal on the other hand should follow a very different guide:

Introduction/Proposal abstract – detailing what is outlined in the proposal itself.

Context – describing the topic and emphasising significance of the proposed research.

Theoretical background – review the literature that surrounds the study.

Methodology – describe all the procedures to be used in detail.

Research questions – outline the main research questions and any sub-research questions.

Significance – how the study will contribute and why it matters.

写Dissertation Proposal是需要花费大量时间和耐心的,为了节约您的时间,快速完成dissertation,为什么不把这些部分交给专业机构完成呢?

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