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什么是descriptive essay?descriptive essay写作

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descriptive essay写作

descriptive essay时什么?descriptive essay中文称之为:描述性文章。广泛应用于描述一件事物,一个地方,一个人或者事件。当你准备些descriptive essay的时候,你要考虑你文章的描述主题、地点、时间、过程等因素。而好的描述性语句是你的文章的重要组成部分。本文将为您剖析descriptive essay的组成部分以及写作要点,希望给正准备descriptive essay写作的同学一些帮助。当然,我们也给大家准备了descriptive essay写作范文模板,请移步文章末尾下载使用。

Descriptive essay is a wide-spread paper type that is intended to describe an object, a place, a building, a person or an event. When you start writing you should think about your descriptive topic and a place, event or a process you are going to describe. A good thesis statement is an important part of any essay and descriptive paper is not an exception. The thesis statement should be in a form of a question, the answer to which you give in the body part of the work. The following writing tips will help you learn more about how to write descriptive papers.

1. Your work should be brief and comprise the introduction that presents the general idea of the topic, the main body that describes places, events or people so vividly that the reader can easily form a clear picture of the whole story, and the conclusion, which summarizes the entire paper.

2. Be creative when choosing your descriptive essay topic. Your topic can deal with a particular event or refer to a general topic of an activity.
3. Use detailed observations and descriptions rather than facts and statistics. Think about the reason you write this work. Use specific details and evolve into more specific details of a place or personal experience.

4. Use a variety of adverbs and adjectives in your paper. Try to create a vivid picture for the reader to catch his attention. This may be fulfilled with the help of imaginative language, comparisons of places, objects, people and events that appeal to the senses. Focus on the five senses in your work: sight, sound, smell, touch, taste.

5. The reader should have the opportunity to imagine what the story is about in as much detail as possible. Focus on descriptive details of a situation, activity or a personality.

Descriptive essays follow the next structure: introduction, body part and conclusion. Sometimes it is obligatory to add table of contents, an outline or summary.

It the introduction section you should include some interesting facts on the topic. If you succeed in the purpose of creating an interesting introductory paragraph, the reader will continue reading your paper. Be sure to include a thesis statement somewhere in the introduction so that the professor will see what you are going to discuss in your work.想要更多的essay代写帮助?登录

The next important part is the body section. In this part you should show how well you understand the topic and how well you use descriptive adjectives and adverbs.

The concluding part summarizes the material given in the body of your descriptive essay. Besides, an analysis of the information is necessary to include in this section with restating thesis statement and main points from the work. Moreover, you should not forget about proper citation of the sources within the paper (in-text citations) and in the list of sources at the end of your work.

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