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怎么写Essay hook?Meeloun教你3步写出完美essay hook

发表时间:2017-03-21 15:17:47

Essay hook是指一篇essay的开头,一般是指文章最开始的前两句话。在英文论文写作当中,essay hook需要做到一样抓住读者的注意,要让读者看了你的essay hook之后觉得应该停下手头的所有事情,专心来读这篇文章。那么这样的essay hook毫无疑问就是成功的。但是怎么写essay hook才有这样的效果呢?相信很多留学生也犯难,本文中Meeloun教育梳理了三个步骤,帮助大家写出完美的essay hook!


一个好的essay hook必须契合你整篇essay的写作内容和行文方向,你不能因为某个和你写作主题和目的完全不相关的句子只是看起来好笑而是用它,这只会让你的文章看起来更乏味。
      例如,你正在写一篇argumentative essay,那你的 hook 可能可以通过某一个令人震惊的事实来反映你文章论点的力度。那如果你正在写一篇爱情故事,你可能应该需要以某个浪漫甜蜜的场景作为文章开始。
      你可能想让他们感到害怕,或者振奋,或者温暖,或者悲伤,抑或激发他们对你人生故事的兴趣。那么,你在构建 hook sentence 是需要注意你的 hook 需要与你希望书法的情感类型相一致。
      你可能希望他们更好的理解某一事实,可能希望了回答他们的某一问题,可能希望他们再次相信爱情、友情。一个优秀的 hook 将反映你希望带给你读者的感受和你希望传递给读者的信息和道理。

Step2:其次明智的选择你的 hook结构

一个好的hook结构足以引人注目,可以抓住读者注意力。为了方便,下面Meeloun制作了一个表格供你在下次写作时参考。这个表格并没有包含所有方法,但抛砖引玉,将会是大家写essay hook的绝佳起点。

Type of  Hook




Words of advice that will impact on your audience.

 My father,a successful salesman,once told me,”when you want something from someone give them something instead”


A short and amusing story about an incident or person,usually famous.

As a teen,Biil Gates used to go dumpster driving at his workplace,seeking information:that’s how he got his hands on some impressive source code.

Bold or shocking statement

A statement or assertion that arouses opinion or response in  your reader.

You will soon be able to upload your dreams to YouTube.


Pair two things that don’t go together.

It was the best of times,it was the worst of times.


A definition of a term or comcept that is relevant to your work.(Caution-Don’t quote the dictionary word for word)

A weevil is a small,herbivous beetle that is known to wipe out entire crops of cotton and stored grains.


A situation where a choice must be made between two or more,usually undesirable ,actions.

The doctors gave me achoice:without health insurance,they would  reattach my middle finger for $60,000 or my ring finger for $12,000


An interesting fact from a reliable resource.

One fast food meal contalns all the calorie you need in a day.

Famous quote

A quote from a famous person that is relevant to your work.Use caution because this can be cliche.

“You must be the change in

The world you wish to see”-Ghandi


A joke,quip,or scene that arouses laughter in your audience.

What’s worse than raining buckets?Hailing taxis in Boston

Personal experience

A short story about an experience you have had in your life that is relevant to the writing topic.

As a child I was deathly afraid of water,so I joined swimteam.

Rhetorical question

A question that inspires curiousity,but that cannot be simply answered.

What does it mean to be happy?


Set the scent of your story by writing to stimulate any of the five senses

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.Not a nasty,dirty,wet hole,filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell,nor yet a dry,bare,sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat:it was a hobbit-hole,and that means confort.

Simile or metaphor

A comparion of one thing to another,usually unrelated,thing.

The sentence was as powerful as Joe Frazier’s lef t hook;it KO’d the reader in a few short words.


A startling statistic from a reliable source.

Forty-three percent of pilot admit to falling asleep during a flight.


      一个优秀的 essay hook需要使用适当的单词和合理的句式,所以需要你尽可能的琢磨和加工修改它。
      老实说,对句子的琢磨和加工实际上应该适用于你文章中的每一篇句子。但是,如果你只有不多的时间去优化一两句话,那请把这段时间用在琢磨你的 hook sentence 上。
      Meeloun提示:尽管essay hook是你文章最开始的第一句话,但最好在文章完成后,再去构建你的hook sentence,这样你可以更好的捕捉你整篇Essay的气质和写作目的。
      Essay hook是你的Tutor评价你essay是否可读的第一眼感受,它可以帮助你抓住读者的注意力,使读者渴望读你的文章。所以希望大家要认真的去写。如果大家在essay写作上有任何的困难都可以咨询我们美伦教育,我们从事留学生代写长达八年时间,经验丰富,好评如潮,值得信赖。需要各类留学论文代写的小主们赶紧添加我们的客服QQ:800056654或咨询我们的网站客服吧~首次写作下单可享5%的优惠哦~