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留学申请reflective essay开头怎么写|reflective essay写法讲解

发表时间:2017-03-03 17:21:32

美国留学申请reflective essay开头怎么写?很多同学在写作reflective essay开头的时候不知道怎么写,本文为大家详细的介绍留学申请reflective essay开头写法介绍,希望对大家有所帮助!大家可以自信阅读本文留学申请reflective essay开头怎么写,本文详细为大家介绍了留学申请reflective essay开头怎么写。

美国大学申请essay开头范例1At my age, few people can genuinely claim that they have had a life-changing experience. After attending Leadership in the Business World (LBW) at the Wharton School last summer, I became one of those fortunate people to have experienced a life-changing academic program. Four weeks of meeting business executives, working with teammates through the night perfecting our professional business plan, experiencing the independence and responsibility that will come with college . . . none of this was advertised in the brochure for LBW, but all of this is what made it uniquely meaningful to me.

美国大学申请essay开头范例2I TROD THE MUD IN THE misty spring rain. It was Qing Ming, the holiday in China when we honored our deceased ancestors. On the ground of the cemetery, drenched fowers lay in my grandfather&apos&aposs remembrance. That morninga month before my sixth birthdayI clung tightly to my mother&apos&aposs sleeves and fnally learned why he passed away.

美国大学申请essay开头范例3HE&apos&aposS IN MY ARMS, THE NEWEST addition to the family. I&apos&aposm too overwhelmed. "That&apos&aposs why I wanted you to go to Bishop Loughlin," she says, preparing baby bottles. "But ma, I chose Tech because I wanted to be challenged." "Well, you&apos&aposre going to have to deal with it," she replies, adding, "Your aunt watched you when she was in high school." "But ma, there are three of them. It&apos&aposs hard!"

美国大学申请essay开头范例4Every first Thursday of each month I always look around the Van Muren Hall gymnasium looking at the sixty- and seventy-year-old men and wonder what I am doing there with them. They have lived through world-shaping events like World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, yet I sit there and interact with them as if there were no differences at all. The reason? We simply share a similar hobby.

美国大学申请essay开头范例5Only shock prevented the tears from streaming down my face. My cells were dead. After being accepted into the competitive Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer research Program (SIMr), and spending approximately 170 hours of the past month manipulating human embryonic stem cells (hESCs), I was back to square onewith only one month of my internship remaining. How in the world was I going to make up for lost time?

美国大学申请essay开头范例6The hindu god, brahma, seeing the plight of a society tainted by envy and greed, presents a boy with a drum that he can only hear, not see. This instrument, which is supposed to bring patience and discipline to humanity, is the foundation of Indian classical music. The boy has yet to discover that musicians use this tool to speak, allowing their minds to transmit messages through the vibrant pulsations of their notes.


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