Essay Example:积极生活,远离犯罪

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      Incarceration is a custodial sentence where a person is in to the penitentiary as a punishment for a crime that they commit. This is mostly out of conviction or clear suspicion of committing a criminal offence. There are four main purposes of incarceration in regard to the criminals that are in prison. They are behind bars, to disconnect them from the community, and to avoid them from committing other crimes. They are in prison as a punishment for the felonies that they do. They serve an example to other people not to commit a crime.

      When the functions of incarceration go through investigation by the United Nations, they are found to be distinct and different compared to the imprisonment of political criminals while others are not charged with any crime. Its rate of imprisonment, the severity of punishment and the duration that the criminals are behind bars differ considerably. A lot of debate has ensued about the purpose of the incarceration. It is efficiency and fairness, and the nature of etiology and the criminal behaviors of the convicts are under much scrutiny. In incarceration, the police are always on the lookout so as to arrest and confine any person who is a suspect of a crime. Both adults and the juvenile can be a subject to it. This form of punishment has also had several criticisms from the public in their ways of preventing crimes. They say that the crime rates increase despite the punishments that they give, and they advocate for more prisons, to be built, and to increase the time that the convicts stay in jail.

      There are two aspects of the incarceration process that are of considerable interest and impact on me. These are the fact that these criminals or convicts are in prison, to hinder them from committing more crimes, and disturbing the public. The other is so as they can be as a model to the public on the consequences of committing any criminal offence. These sentences also make the public learn a lot from the criminals as these criminals are family members, friends or even people that grow in the same environment

      The story in the book; The Other Moore, is truly inspiring, and it brings out a lot of similarities to the actual problems that are occurring in the world. It is about two boys who share the same name; Moore, who grow in the same place. This place was decaying in all forms and could extremely easily affect the upbringing of children negatively. One of the boys became hugely successful, and prominent person while the other one is serving a year’s condemnation in a detention center with no optimism of ever getting out. The writer, who is the other Moore, looks deeply into the life of his name sake that he discovers as he does his school research. Moore is in the penitentiary for assassinating a law enforcement officer in a fierce attack during an armed robbery event. Both of them had grown up just one block from each other. They grew up facing the same harsh conditions and had extraordinarily difficult childhood. Both of them did not have fathers, and they were at all times in and out of school. They hang out in the same places, and both of them at some point ran away from the police. They were both craving for a different lifestyle away from what they were going through. It is through this that at some point of their lives, they each had to make a decision to change their lives. This is what made them get into positions that they are now.

      We see that these two boys had a lot of similarities in their upbringing. The problems that they had to face were similar, but the difference came by choosing their destiny. One of them gave up trying, and that is the reason why he is a prison while the other one is now leading a good life away from all the troubles. In some way, if the other Moore had a chance to a better life maybe he could be in a different situation. Being behind bars is either going to make him better or worse? It is a lesson to the public that, despite the problems that one faces, it is no reason to embark to crime as there are people who face the same predicaments but still make it without becoming criminals.

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