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Reference Letter


To whom it may concern:


I am a lecturer of Department of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), and I have ever taught Luo Lei in the class of Remote Sensing Image Processing, Remote Sensing Introduction, City Planning. Based on his excellent performance at the university, I am honored and willing to recommend Luo Lei to study in your master program in the department of geography, Ohio State University.


Luo Lei was an active learner. I first met him in the first semester of his second college year when most of the major courses had not been offered to students, but he wanted to study by himself in advance, so he came to my office to ask me to give him some advice about how to achieve better in study and help him install software which he would need for future study. There were many software needed to be installed, including ArcGIS series, ENVI, ERDAS, Matlab and so forth, and none of them was easy to deal with. In order to install all of them, Luo Lei visited me in my office five times. He had a tight schedule and sacrificed his lunch or dinner time to install them so as not to take up my personal time. During those days, he also asked me to recommend some books and learning materials that would be helpful for his future study.


Luo Lei was strong enough to overcome difficulties in academic fields. He always tried his best to deal with obstacles in the process of finishing assignment. When I taught him the course of Remote Sensing Image Processing, I gave him a task to classify different land use in Tongliang County, Chongqing City. In the process, Luo Lei met many difficulties: one of which was the hazed images. He first went to the website of University of Maryland to try to download some non-haze data, however, these data are either too out of date to reflect the current situation of Chongqing or covered by even larger areas of haze, mainly because there are many rivers in the region and the humidity is heavy. In a word, he didn’t make it in this way. Then he tried another way. He googled a ‘haze tool’ and downloaded a nearly 20 pages instruction PDF about how to use this tool to get rid of haze. To his disappointment, the overall color of the image totally changed after using this tool, so he failed again. Finally, he knew from some papers that certain band combination is not affected by haze, and then he knew that it is because the wave length of certain bands is greater than the diameter of haze molecules. Later he learned Optimum Index Factor technique (OIF) could be used to determine the best band combination, so he finally get rid of the nightmare of haze.


And he wrote a paper about what he had done in this assignment which was latter published in a journal named KeHai GuShi BoLan. By the way, Luo Lei had two other papers published in Information & Communications and Huazhang respectively: one was “Vegetation Dynamic Monitoring: A Case Study in Yanqing, Huairou, Miyun District, Beijing City”, the other was “Study on Geographical Change of the Economic Center of Beijing Basing on Landsat TM Data”.


When  Luo Lei told me that he’d like to study abroad after graduation, I totally agree. I have seen the differences between the information engineering field in China and that in developed countries. So I totally support Luo Lei to study abroad.


I believe Luo Lei, as a top student with strong abilities in learning, agile thinking and diligent character, will make brilliant records in future studies and becomes an excellent researcher, I strongly recommend him and I will appreciate if you take his application into serious consideration. If you want to know more information about Luo Lei , please contact me at any time.






Lecturer of Department of Information Engineering, China University of Geosciences (Beijing)





Reference Letter


Dear Sir/ madam,


In the capacity of a doctor in civil and commercial law, a deputy director of the civil law institute in the China University of Politics and Law, and the head teacher of Ms. Xu Ziao, I am writing to recommend her, one of my favourite students, to be admitted to your master’s program of Marketing.


I got to know Ms. Xu Ziao personally the year when I was appointed as her head teacher who had to pay close attention to students’ study as well as daily life. While in class, Ms. Xu maintained a good fellowship with all her classmates all the time and she was willing to give a hand to others who needed help. Studying with conscientiousness, Ms. Xu often came up with creative ideas. Unlike some other students, she studied not to just pass the exams but to really improve her knowledge and expertise. She stands out among her fellow classmates with an unmistakable thirst for genuine understanding of her own subjects. That has won her appreciation from not just me but my colleagues as well. But she did do well in exams too. In the final exam of last semester, she got high scores in her courses.


Apart from her strong talent in study, Ms. Xu was an affectionate person too. She participated in warm-giving activities such as supporting the education in rural areas, being guide of the art gallery, being the volunteer of the international conference on long walk, and the volunteer of 60th anniversary of the founding of my university. In these events, she delivered love and care to people and was rewarded with compliment and heartful gratitude from them. I was also moved by her affectionate actions.


Moreover, Ms. Xu demonstrated her potential as a researcher in a research program in which she performed excellently. In the national innovation project “China's Demographic Dividend and the Family Planning Policy--the Investigation of Single Family”, Ms. Xu demonstrated her strong team spirit and her close attention to the contemporary society. As the project progressed, her comprehensive ability in project planning as well as project research impressed me greatly.


Also I’d like to mention that Ms. Xu is good at communicating in both oral and written English. Some of her most important undergraduate courses were taught by American professors, many of whom considered her oral English as native and her written English as standard. I am sure that she has since improved her English even better in her professional life. So I believe she will be able to accustom study and life abroad very fast.


Finally, to my knowledge of Mr. Xu, I firmly believe she should make an outstanding student in graduate studies. If you accept her, you will find that her drive and sense of purpose very contagious among the students. In view of all that I know of her, I strongly recommend her. If you want to know more about her, please don't hesitate to contact with me.




Professor and Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Fiscal Taxation and Finance Law of the College of Civil, Commercial and Economic Law, China University of Political Science and Law















Name: Xinyu Wang

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 03/07/1988

Telephone: +86-13761874262, +86-21-66130285


Address: Room 103, Building X1, No.99, Shangda Rd., Shanghai University, Baoshan District, Shanghai, 200444, P. R. China

Citizenship: People’s Republic of China



M.S in Environmental Engineering

Proposed term of Entrance: Fall, 2010



Bachelor of Environmental Engineering

School of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Shanghai University, expected 2010

General GPA: 3.49

Ranking: 1/103

Core Courses: Calculus, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Principles of Chemical Engineering, Environmental Microbiology, Water Pollution Control Engineering, Probability and Statistics, Engineering Mechanics, Environmental Management, Environmental Monitoring, Environmental Impact Analysis, Environmental Ecology




Top-class scholarship, Shanghai University                                     Nov. 2009

Top-class scholarship, Shanghai University                                     Nov. 2008

First Prize of the Contests on Ozone-layer Knowledge                       Oct. 2008

Excellent Student, Shanghai University                                      Sep. 2008                                                      

First-class scholarship, Shanghai University                                     Oct. 2007




Test Date






Aug 2, 2009








Test Date



Analytical Writing

Jun 6, 2009










Waste water treatment, Microbiology



Winter Intern, Shanghai ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances) Office            Jan. 2009 – Feb. 2009

•Assisted with document copy and input

•Reviewed and collated the qualification of filed and signed contracts

•Managed phone calls with local enterprises and factories


Summer Intern, Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center                    Jun. 2009 - Aug. 2009

•Assisted in water sample analysis

•Conducted toxicity tests

•Helped arrange official files

•Participated in on-site sampling




Sep. 2006—Oct. 2007

Culture and Arts Department, Student Council

Backstage management for Shows

Jun. 2007—Jul. 2007

Social Fieldtrip--Visit “Left-behind children in rural areas in Sichuan

This was rated as one of the best social work project in Shanghai

Dec. 2007—Oct. 2008

Department Director, Environmental Protection Community

In charge of website news, financial management, organized events such as “Care for Animals

Jul. 2008

Volunteer teaching in earthquake affected Mao Xian, Sichuan

Oct. 2008

Participated in Contests on Ozone-layer Knowledge organized by Shanghai Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and received the first prize



Dec. 2008-Current

Research Assistant, Department of Environmental Engineering, Shanghai University

Treated solid-waste landfill leachate by synthesizing LDH (layered-double-hydroxide)



Natural Science, Music, Dancing, Swimming, Photography, Outdoor Adventures





personal statement修改案例

Personal  Statement

We’re extremely fortunate

not to know precisely

the kind of world we live in.

—Wislawa szymborska—

So,everyone can explore the world in his/her own way.

I do believe that, to be a distinctive individual in the big world, we should clearly identify what we want to do most; and to be a successful person beyond other folks, we should work out what we can do best. Keeping the faith that only a person with great ambition and sufficient  ability can survive well in present-day society, I struggle perseveringly for updating professional  knowledge and skills which can support my study and future career in dreamful area.——That is my way to explore the world.


Early interest


When I was a little girl, my mother always took me as her audience to prepare work reports. She is in charge of individual finance in a bank. Thus, I have been exposed to financial affairs at a young age and the initial interest in this field generated in what I saw and what I heard.

As time goes by, I found finance was all-embracing and quite stimulating, which increasingly  strengthened my love for it. I’m a very persistent girl, especially in terms of those I extremely dream for. Just as I have always been crazy about the England-style lattice skirts since a little girl, my passion for finance has never diminished during my growth process. Now, I always take the initiative in asking my mother to “report” to me. As a consequence, I can know much specific work in financial institutions.

Current achievement

I’m a senior inHebeiUniversityat present and will get a bachelor’s degree in Economics in July 2010, majoring in Economic Applied Statistics. Our curriculum is extensive, including specialized courses on statistics and other relevant courses such as on finance, accounting, and economics as well. So, I’m rather familiar with the basic theory and practice of finance. Besides, the major I’m learning now requires a high level of mathematics and application of computer software, which enables me to be competitive and competent to further my study in Finance.

In order to get more achievement on my current major as well as my interested major, I got an effective study method thereby making full use of free time——Usually, I focus on information about finance, such as the bank rate or the world oil price, via Internet and library; then utilize  statistical tools to sort and analyze the data, and forecast the tendency——This method is very helpful to consolidate what I have learnt as well as to get new knowledge, and it  fosters my ability of studyong independently at the same time. Coupled with my efforts, I have done well in most subjects, achieving 87.5/100 for the overall GPA and winning the “Excellent Student Scholarship”.

Apart from excellent academic record, I know working experience is equally fundamental. So,  I strived for opportunities of related internships and part-time jobs in different companies. In the summer vocation of 2007, I worked in the QiLu Securities Company at the counter and primarily dealt with some basic service following veteran staff, including opening accounts,  hosting, withdrawing the designate trade and altering customer information,. Meanwhile, I also  learnt from staffs in asset management department about how to analyze market quotation and  develop investment strategies. As a result of these experiences, my ability to solve practical problems was improved, but more significantly, I developed a strong work ethic in finance field.

In addition, I actively took part in school and social activities. Some activities such as drama performance competition and debate competition provided perfect opportunities to show my comprehensive skills and self-confidence; while other experiences such as being the volunteer of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and a voluntary teacher in local deaf-mute school also enabled me to be more mature and dedicated.

When I was a sophomore, I joined a team to participate in "The Challenge Cup" Business Plan Competition. I was the leader of the unit which took charge of market surveys and feasible sales plans about our productan IPF-based intelligent static electricity removing instrument. Through the investigation and budget estimation, we found few people were willing to bear its high price, and it was also difficult to produce it by financing. That sounded a severe problem, but we didn’t give up. Instead, we worked together to reform the product so as to continue our business. During this period, I realized the importance of communication , cooperation, and perseverance to fulfill my dream.

Future plan

As to my long-term plans, definitely I am desirous of engaging in finance relevant industry like a bank. The greatest happiness is to do want we want to do, rather than what we have to do, isn’t it? So, I will always persist in my dream and never give up.

Last summer, I was required to complete an Academic Year Thesis when preparing for the IELTS test. It’s urgent but I did a good job as well. Then, I realized time was limited, especially when we desired to explore the unknown world. It’s one of reasons for my decision to study inU.K., which means I can be capable to enter society to fulfill my dream both effectively and efficiently. Another reason is that I would like to expand my outlook by experiencing dissimilar cultures and comparing different ideological and cognitive ideas, and only in this way, can I become a person who think independently.

Your university, famous as it is, is just my ideal place for its perfect academic research and living environment. Thus, I sincerely hope that I could have the opportunity to major in Finance at your prestigious university, not only to realize my dream of entering this beautiful and competitive school, but to be well-trained with the specialist skills and knowledge to achieve self-worth in my interested field as well.